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Home Grow Cannabis in Illinois

Oh, good morning everybody. I thought it’d be a good idea to maybe get closer to the microphone. But come on here and go over what happened last night in Springfield, Illinois. You see, Illinois actually legalized marijuana. Now, when I say Illinois legalized marijuana, I guess I should qualify that. Illinois’ senate voted and passed legalization of marijuana. And Illinois’ legalization of marijuana was HB1438. And some people were asking,

Seed to sale of Cannabis- Compliance & Requirements

The cannabis industry is still in its infancy, having been legalized less than 20 years ago. This can only mean that the market is growing and evolving at a remarkable rate. While this growth was somehow uncontrolled in the past, the government has stepped in, and today, the cannabis industry is among the most regulated industries.

Cannabis Legalization News

As a labor for a higher power, history and all that is right in the world, the lawyer that started this website put his years of business law experience to work on helping right the wrongs of history when it came to criminalizing cannabis.

Medical Marijuana and Vets PTSD

While Illinois laws still criminalize the possession of recreational marijuana, the state does allow possession and use of medical marijuana for those who carry a medical marijuana card. Caregivers are also allowed to cultivate the plant for medical use, although there is a strict prohibition against distribution of the same to patients for profit. 

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How to Win a Cannabis License

How to Win a Cannabis License

  How Do I Win a Cannabis License? It’s application season in Illinois and competition is fierce! With only 75 licenses to award, every point in an application counts. Applying for a license is costly, competitive, and in most cases a one time opportunity. This week...

Security Plans for Cannabis Businesses with Thomas Carnevale

Security Plans for Cannabis Businesses with Thomas Carnevale

  What is Cannabis Security? Cannabis Security means that not one gram of cannabis goes missing from seed to sale and everyone in the supply chain from grower to transporter to dispensary to buyer is protected and safe during their purchase and business operations....

Since 2015, we believe this has unfairly hit medical cannabis businesses, ask us how we can help your bottom line.

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