Indiana Cannabis

Indiana marijuana laws

  Indiana cannabis, as an industry, is pretty much non-existent. Indiana NORML joined us to update us on their legalization progress for Indiana marijuana laws. Indiana Marijuana Laws Are Bad Indiana’s cannabis laws are some of the harshest in America! While their neighbors in Illinois raked in over $63M in cannabis sales in August, consumers in Indiana can face up … Read More

How to Expunge Your Record

Expunge Record National Expungement Week

How to Expunge Your Record Expunging your record is the process of destroying your record so that it is not viewable to employers or law enforcement. National Expungement Week is September 19 – 26! Alex Boutros and Mo Will from Cannabis Equity Illinois join to talk criminal justice reform and take us through the expungement process. Watch the episode on … Read More

CBD and Skincare

CBD Skincare

CBD and Skincare – Is CBD safe for your skin? CBD skincare products are incredibly popular, and the market is only growing larger. According to a recent report, the global CBD skincare market is expected to hit $1.7 billion by 2025. Sarah Mirsini from MĀSK joins to discuss the skincare benefits of CBD and other cannabinoids. RELATED POST: Advertising Your … Read More

Nebraska Medical Marijuana

  Nebraska will be voting on medical marijuana this election. A Nebraska marijuana lawyer joined us to discuss the measure. Is medical marijuana legal in nebraska? Nebraska Medical Marijuana | Nebraska Cannabis Laws Nebraska medical marijuana could come to fruition in 2020. Nebraskans will be voting on a medical marijuana initiative this November. Seth Morris from Berry Law joined to … Read More

Cannabis Extraction and Distillation

Cannabis Extraction and Distillation

Cannabis Extraction and Distillation Cannabis extraction and distillation are a big deal. If you’ve ever hit a dab rig, puffed from a vape, or eaten an edible – you’ve experienced cannabinoids that have been extracted and distilled. But what does this process look like? Fadi Yashruti of Root Sciences joins to guide us through the cannabis extraction and distillation process. … Read More

Advertising Your CBD Brand

Advertising CBD

How to Advertise Your CBD Brand | Cannabis Marketing Advertising CBD and cannabis isn’t as easy as advertising candy bars. The rules and regulations for advertising your cannabis brand can be pretty perplexing. Corey Higgs from THC Creative Solutions joins to give us a few tips for marketing your cannabis business. Listen to our PodCast Cannabis Legalization News or Watch … Read More

South Dakota Marijuana Laws

South Dakota Marijuana Laws

  What do marijuana laws look like in South Dakota? Everything could change in South Dakota this election. Here’s everything you need to know about South Dakota Cannabis Laws. South Dakota Marijuana Laws South Dakota marijuana laws could change drastically come November. South Dakota will be voting on both medical and recreational cannabis this election. We were recently joined by … Read More

NJ Marijuana

NJ Marijuana

  New Jersey will be voting on adult-use marijuana this November! This is what the NJ marijuana market could look like if the measure passes. NJ marijuana growing laws. NJ Marijuana | Cannabis Legalization in New Jersey NJ marijuana legalization could spark the legalization movement in the tri-state area. With New York and Pennsylvania working on cannabis initiatives, the east … Read More

Cannabis Unions

Cannabis Unions

Cannabis Unions – GTI Workers Unite for Rights Cannabis unions are gaining in popularity. While the cannabis industry is still in its nascency and hopeful entrepreneurs try to cling to any piece of the green rush that they can, many workers’ rights are being overlooked. Cannabis still remains federally illegal, and many governing bodies don’t have an airtight infrastructure for … Read More

Cannabis Industry Update with Grown In

Cannabis Industry Update Grown In

Cannabis Industry Update with Grown In Brad Spirrison of Grown In joins us to discuss cannabis industry trends. A journalist and co-founder of Grown In, Brad Spirrison talks to us about the Chicago politics and cannabis future in Illinois.  Listen to it on PodCast or Watch the YouTube on Cannabis Industry Update with Grown In.   RELATED POST: 5 Cannabis … Read More