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Bud and Breakfast

Bud & Breakfast – Vacation Options for Cannabis Enthusiasts

Bud and Breakfast
Cannabis consumers have long struggled to travel with their products and find cannabis at their travel destination. With Bud and Breakfast consumers are able to book, stay, and relax without having to worry about picking up. This week we spoke with Sean Roby, Co-Founder and CEO at Bud and Breakfast, about the cannabis landscape and the benefits of their vacation platform.


What is Bud and Breakfast?

  • An online vacation rental platform for cannabis enthusiast around the world
  • Consumers are gifted cannabis at their rentals
  • Offer lodging from “couches to castles”
  • Consumers can rent hostels for $50 a night or luxury estates for $3500 a night
  • Popular for weddings, honeymoons, bachelor parties, girl’s trips
  • Parents from draconian states with children who need CBD therapy can come to a Bud and Breakfast and get what their child needs without looking over their shoulder

How did Bud and Breakfast come about?

  • Sean worked in the wine industry before moving over to cannabis

  • While conducting foodie tours in Napa Valley Sean noticed cannabis plants at the vineyards and observed the steady progression of people coming to California around the time of Prop 215

  • Sean purchased the domain name for $6.99 in 2001

As a Cannabis Friendly Host:

  • All properties are accepted from “couches to castles”
  • There is no registration fee or contracts for your property

  • You can accept guests annually or automatically
  • Hosts with great images of their space have a higher amount of bookings

  • Write detailed property descriptions for a higher chance of booking
  • Hosts never sell cannabis products to guests, it is only gifted

  • Hosts list where guests are allowed to smoke (Inside or Outside)

  • Cancelation policy is made by host

As a Cannabis Loving Guest:

  • Search properties by location, guest count, date, pricing, and amenities

  • You can bring cannabis to your rental but products are usually waiting for you at your location
  • A host should never sell you cannabis products, it is only gifted

  • Know your product and your limit
  • Read property descriptions and rules carefully

Popular destinations for cannabis consumers:

  • Colorado
  • Uruguay
  • Spain
  • Jamaica
  • Canada
  • California

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Interested in coming on as a guest? Email our producer at

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316 SW Washington Street, Suite 1A
Peoria, Illinois 61602

Phone: (309) 740-4033 || Email:

150 S. Wacker Drive, Suite 2400,
Chicago IL, 60606 USA

Phone: 312-741-1009 || Email:

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