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Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

Is it legal to buy weed seeds online?


buying cannabis seeds legally onlineHow can you buy cannabis seeds legally?

Buying cannabis seeds online may be legal depending on where you life, or it may be decriminalized – this article, the video above and pod cast below, summarize the legality of online cannabis seeds sales.. States update their marijuana or cannabis laws fairly often – for example, Illinois legalized home grow in January of 2020 for its medical patients. Illinois also allowed for sale of cannabis seeds by dispensaries. Here is an excerpt from the Illinois cannabis law allowing cannabis seeds, which could in theory be sold by a dispensary through their website.

Is it legal to buy weed seeds

(3) Adult registered qualifying patients may purchase cannabis seeds from a dispensary for the purpose of home cultivation. Seeds may not be given or sold to any other person.

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Want to Open a Legal Grow

What to Look for When Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

Buying cannabis seeds online should be easy. You go to a website, then choose from a range variety of products, and pick up the best product for yourself. It sounds good, but it is not that easy.

You will find many places that are scamming people online if you go further when you search for cannabis seeds online. These websites promote cannabis seeds and their powerful effects, but the background of the sites is very shady.

Then, how to find the best cannabis seeds online?

You can search for relevant sources on any internet search engine.  There will be dozens of various websites that all are more than happy to sell you cannabis seeds online and many will even claim it is legal.  In the following article, you will learn how to find an ideal place to buy cannabis seeds and how to use them properly when you have them at home.

Here are the answers.

Why Are Cannabis Seeds So Popular?

Cannabis seeds are popular online because you cannot find them in regular stores. Many dispensaries and cannabis shops sell only a small number of cannabis products, and seeds are usually not on the list.

What to do to get the best cannabis seeds online?

To get the best cannabis seeds online, you should check out the following websites:

  3. Royal Queen Seeds

There are the top 3 results from the Google search engine regarding this question that is asked thousands of times per month, even by you – trying to find more information about legal online cannabis seed sales

Sometimes, you will find the rare and exotic varieties, but you should always search for the cannabis seeds regulations in your specific state. When you find the seed variety that is not officially approved, it is a sign to move on and find other kinds of legal seeds in your state.

It is easier to buy cannabis seeds online when you have previous knowledge about the actual regulations. In many states, it is possible to get the official listing of the cannabis varieties that you can buy or sell. Use the right guidance when you search for cannabis seeds online.

Will Cannabis Seeds Increase in Price?

It is obvious why some cannabis seeds have a high price on the market. These are rare varieties, and their regulations are very tricky, which is why many of the seeds are very expensive.

You will probably find the ones with the high THC content when you go one step further and create the list of your favorite cannabis seeds. If the content is higher than 0,3%, then you should go for other ones.

In the case that you have found the seeds that are mostly available across different states, the prices will also be average. In the case of some varieties, you will discover that the price can go up if the demand is high at the moment of online search for cannabis seeds.

To get the best price and the best quality at a specific moment, you should focus on the cannabis seeds that are good for marijuana growing and have a reasonable price at the same time. These kinds of seeds are accessible online, and you’ll find the perfect varieties for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seeds?

More than 3000 varieties of cannabis seeds exist on the market right now. These varieties are mostly found in places where you can distribute the seeds legally. In some states, it is legal to buy, sell, and distribute cannabis seeds with the right authorization of the documents for handling cannabis seeds.

If you want to further comply with the cannabis regulations, you can obtain medical or recreational marijuana cards to consume the end product. To the best of your ability – always comply with the laws in your state. 

Cannabis seeds online come in multiple packages. One of the most affordable packages is a pack of 10 seeds that are packed with caution and care. At the same time, you can buy multiple boxes and get the varieties that you want the most. If any of the seed varieties are not suitable, you can claim a refund and stick to the additional recommendations for buying and selling cannabis seeds.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal Under Federal Law?


21 USC 802 marihuana definition

This is the legal term of art “marihuana” on the federal level under the Controlled Substances Act – Last Updated: June 21, 2020

In the era of so many options, you can go for the best one and search only for the products that are highly appreciated on the market. When you buy cannabis seeds online, look for the seeds that are ideal for marijuana growth, and have a perfect price for your budget when it comes to cannabis seeds offerings online.


Want to Open a Legal Grow

You want to buy cannabis seeds online, but do it legally – well, there’s no way that you – or any one – should be getting legal advice from a youtube channel – but people keep calling me asking how to do this legally in Illinois, and everyone in the next state will want this info as well, so it seemed like a perfect episode of…

How People Get Cannabis Seeds in Your State

Let’s talk about how you can get your garden growing – so likes and subscribes everybody. Remember to check your state law regarding home grow. Here in IL, only medical patients can grow. They can buy seeds, but where do you get them – and hang out until the end and you’ll learn how cannabis plants magically get into new legalized states despite being criminal the day before, or criminal until you get the license and not having the state give you the plants. 

We’re gonna talk about 5 things to consider when getting your cannabis seeds for your medical home grow – or adult use home grow if your state allows that – and we are all praying IL and WA legalize soon. But watch out for home grow for adult use – often the DEA comes in – like in CO after home grow for adults became law and CO got brand recognition in surrounding states. 

Which brings us to the first thing to consider when buying seeds – 

law enforcement Issues for Buying Cannabis Seeds Online

Do not go over your limits. You need safe access to your medicine and not any trouble – like Glenn Keeling, had happen to him for just having, let along growing, medicine. States set specific limits – stick to them.  For example, IL lets patients grow 5 plants per household not patient – check your local laws then see how many plants you can have and stick to it no matter how many seeds you buy.

How & Where do you buy Cannabis – or marijuana seeds?

In the new Illinois adult use law – they says you can buy seeds from dispensaries, but you can’t even buy flower from some dispensaries. But if this is 2022 when you’re watching this, we may be fine, but now your state is out of cannabis – and has allowed home grow if you go buy seeds a dispensary, but there are not any. 

Well, how are seeds defined – and why can you just seemingly buy them from anywhere on the internet?  The Controlled Substances Act specifically defines marijuana as all parts of the cannabis plant whether growing, or not, and the seeds thereof. The 2018 farm bill legalized hemp to make it only for parts of the cannabis plant and its seeds for cultivars – or strains – that have greater than 0.3% THC if grown under proper conditions. 

The State laws often define who can sell what, including seeds and clones. So some states must allow their farmers to sell their seeds online, or maybe Canada does – but in Europe, Amsterdam or Barcelona for example – perhaps you buy these seeds as souvenirs.  

It really doesn’t matter – but would just show the feds not enforcing their marijuan laws – like they are not doing in California, the whole west coast – the nation’s capital – great state of Illinois and hopefully your state just came online. 

Here’s the places to buy them seeds online – 

Again, you’re not getting legal advice from youtube – but here are places that are selling seeds: In Europe

European Cannabis Seed Providers

  • Sensi Seeds
  • DNA Genetics
  • Dinafem
  • Green House Seeds


US Cannabis Seed Suppliers

  1. Southern Humboldt Seed Collective
  2. Exotic Genetix
  3. Mephisto genetics.


How many and what type of cannabis seeds should you buy? 

Dude, I’m not giving you legal advice and I’m certainly not giving you grow advice. You may want to be rustic and go with regular seeds, that you sex yourself and train them all the way through their photo period and flower to harvest, or you may want to skip some of that and go with feminized seed – or perhaps your a beginner on your first autoflower. 

 Check out those seed banks again – links in the comments for you to find out everything the geneticists themselves will tell you about their seeds – then check out their instagram accounts for sick flower that in the parlance of 2020 is called fire. 

Now you may find yourself asking – 

Will I get caught for cannabis or marijuana seeds?

Think about one thing – and if you like it – smash them likes and subscribes. What is the way the punishment goes up for marijuana or cannabis possession?  The weight.  How much does a cannabis seed weigh?

Very, very little. How little?

cannabis seeds weight only 1.5-2.5 grams per 100 seeds. 

Cannabis seeds are very light

Soo.. think about it – IL decriminalized possession of 10 grams or less in 2016 – so you would need like hundreds of seeds for that. 

Just low risk it seems.

Want to Open a Legal Grow

Conclusion for Buying Cannabis Seeds online

Which brings us to the conclusion – and now the answer to  how cannabis plants magically get into new legalized states despite being criminal the day before.

Thanks for sticking around – like & subscribe if you liked this – because you’ll get notice of cannabis legalization news – every wednesday at 2 pm. 

Sources for Cannabis Seeds Online: 

  1. Don’t Blame me – it was the internet’s fault – information about cannabis seeds can be found practically anywhere online: 
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