Cannabis Company Startup Bundle

Cannabis Company Startup Bundle

Start Your Cannabis Company Right

Welcome to the confusing and expensive maze of regulations and corporate operations that is the fastest growing industry creating generational wealth for the few that can not only get the license – but the capital to operate.

Cannabis Company Startup Bundle:

  • our custom pitch deck service product
  • our custom & “application ready” business plan service product
  • our fundraising suite to legally raise money and use in your application
  • the way we start all our applications
  • acts as the first milestone payment
  • find out your valuation
  • assemble your team
  • get your cannabis action plan

Thomas Howard

Cannabis Lawyer

Thomas Howard has been in business for years and can help yours navigate towards more profitable waters.


How much is your cannabis company worth?  Do you know what your cash flows of your grow or dispensary will be? Do you know how much it will cost to build out your business’ facilities? Do you have enough capital?

These questions are why we start the bundle with the pitch deck. You can use it to raise money and understand your business.

What are the specifics of your business operations?  What market segments? How much inventory or plants? How compliant is your operation? Who’s in your executive summary?

Every cannabis license application requires a business plan – in Illinois they had a 30 page limit on the dispensary business plan. Our business plans are application ready – plus they go with your pitch deck & the fundraising suite. 

How do you legally raise capital from other people or investors for your cannabis company?

You get the fundraising suite and we help your business get its Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) and releated documents that you need to be compliant in your capital raise & show your state that you mean business and know how to follow complex security regulations.

3 Service Packages – 1 Startup Bundle

Cannabis is a complex industry that has a high capital barrier to entry. At the Collateral Base, we treat our client’s needs as if they were our own – which is why we created the Startup Bundle as a legal and business consulting service project that gets our clients started off on the right foot and separates them from the vast majority of their startup compeititon.

No matter where you operate, you need plans and organizational structures to execute in compliance with state laws, and one day soon the federal laws, our Startup Bundle gives you the tools to capitalize your business and form it in a way that is tax advantaged and compliant with industry best practices.

A comprehensive business plan

Most cannabis applications require a business plan. In Illinois, for example, the dispensary application required it to be 30 pages. The location that you operate in will probably also require one. We build the plan custom for your location so it complies with local and state regulations and scores the points. 

The Fundraising Suite

Once you have your plans for the valuation of the business and its operations, you need to raise captial in a safe and legally compliant way. Securities laws still apply to the cannabis industry despite the current scheduling of the plant. Protect your company from recission risk & regualatory sanctions. 

Customer Reviews

Ben Rediger, CEO @ Hemp Mergers Group

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Michael Phillips, Owner one of the 21 “perfect” scores

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