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Thomas Howard

Thomas Howard

Cannabis Industry Lawyer

Representing Cannabis Businesses all over the United States on complex and convoluted cannabis issues. Each state cannabis law is different – learn yours today.

Each State is going to have its own cannabis law


  • Congress has gotten out of the way from states that want to make their own cannabis laws by defunding the Department of Justice.
  • Each state has made its own way for how it believes to handle its cannabis laws the best.
  • Some states, like Florida, do not allow actual cannabis flower, but only vape pens or edible cannabis medication
  • while states like Georgia allow for medical marijuana but absolutely no cultivation – which is effectively frustrating the entire law!
  • States like Illinois allow for medical marijuana, but tie the patients to just one specific dispensary.
  • If you have questions about your state’s medical or adult use cannabis law – contact us today by clicking the Call Now button.

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