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Are Cannabis Vending Machines the Future?!

Cannabis Vending machines are incredibly convenient. Cannabis startups around the world are leading technological advances and Grasshopper Kiosks is no exception. This week we spoke with Ron Christensen the CEO at Grasshopper Kiosks about convenience, technology, and the future of cannabis. Soon you’ll be able to pick up a few flowers as easy as you pick up a KitKat.

Cannabis Vending Machines Grasshopper Kiosks


What is Grasshopper Kiosks?
  • A suite of compliant automated retail systems providing cannabis solutions for consumers and brands
Why Brands Choose Grasshopper Kiosks & cannabis vending machines
  • Brands who use Grasshopper Kiosks have the opportunity to market, sell, and advertise their products unlike any other platform
Grasshopper Cannabis Kiosks
  • Climate controlled vending machines with varying capacity from 36 to 60 unique SKU’s
  • Takes less than three minutes for users to get their products
  • Doors open with a code that is sent to users verified mobile device
  • Easy search feature, find products by type or strain
  • ID scan and verification, no facial recognition
  • Integrates with POS software
  • ADA compliant
  • Energy star certified
  • Large 32” high resolution LCD touch screen
  • Offers internal and external camera security options
Grasshopper Cannabis Locker
  • Order ahead and pick up your products at a locker
  • Offers 17 or 35 doors
  • Integrates with POS systems
  • Excellent security with 1.5mm steel plate and sandal-proof locks
Grasshopper Pay
  • Secure compliant self payment system
  • Consumers can order using Grasshopper pay, and pick up their products at a Grasshopper Kiosk or dispensary
  • Accepts cash, credit, debit, and bitcoin
  • Can be configured with bill acceptors, check imager, bar code scanner, ticket printer, cash dispenser, finger printer, and more.
  • High resolution LED touch screen screen
Grasshopper Tablet
  • Preorder products and pick up from Grasshopper Kiosk
  • Shop a dispensaries inventory and pick up products at counter
Mobile App
  • Pre-order and pickup products from a Kiosk or Locker
  • Offers advertising opportunities, loyalty programs, geo-location, payment, and analytics
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