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Ganjapreneur Podcast Host Tim Branfalt

How is Cannabis Portrayed in the Media?

You’ve probably seen it, headlines around mid-to-late October warning parents that people are sneaking cannabis into their kids Halloween candy. You and I both know that in this economy – no one is giving away free weed. But this is one of many wild stories that the media pushes into the zeitgeist that drums up fear and spreads confusion about cannabis.

It’s clear the media doesn’t know how to talk about cannabis but are they using scare tactics to get views and clicks or do they just lack the vocabulary to discuss it in an honest way? This week, Tom and Miggy were joined by Tim Branfalt, host of Ganjapreneur Pod, to discuss the portrayal of cannabis in the media in addition to covering some legalization news that broke this week.

Ganjapreneur Podcast Host Tim Branfalt

Big Legalization News with Ganjapreneur Pod Host Tim Branfalt

What is Ganjapreneur.com?

  • A cannabis-focused online publication
  • Founded in 2014 by brothers Noel and Graham Abbott
  • Covers cannabis industry news, policy, and business developments
  • Serves as a platform for cannabis startups, investors, and job-seekers to connect
  • Features upcoming cannabis industry events
  • Headquarters in Bellingham, Washington
  • Also an Angel investor in the hemp and cannabis industries
  • Their mission: To educate the world about cannabis, its medical applications, its effect on the global economy, and to help cannabis business owners stay informed about the policies and market developments that affect them.

What is Ganjapreneur Pod?

  • Hosted by Tim Branfalt
  • A weekly podcast that brings experts, activists, and cannabis business people on to discuss the fast growing cannabis industry
  • Recent guests:
    • Brad Bogus, VP of Growth and Marketing for Confident Cannabis
    • Jason Ambrosino, Founder of Veterans Hemp Market
    • Meg Sanders, Co-Founder of Canna Provisions Group

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Michigan Cannabis Business Lawyer

Michigan Cannabis Business Lawyer

Michigan Cannabis Business Lawyer Scott Roberts ​Michigan cannabis business is gearing up when the State begins taking applications for recreational businesses on November 1, 2019. Michigan legalized adult use in 2018 with 56% of the vote but it’s predicted that the...

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Thomas Howard

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