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HPS v. LED Grow Lights for Craft Grow

There is an debate regarding the best grow lights for your craft cannabis cultivation operation – LED or HPS lights. LED lights contain some benefits, but lack certain UV lighting that HPS may provide. We covered the benefits of the LED grow lights for profitability for your craft cultivation of cannabis in the video above, podcast below and this blog post.  Cheers.


LED Grow Lights Sage Lighting Solutions

Here’s all about the debate between LED and HPS grow lights

  • LEDs draw less power
    • 33% less power than HPS
    • less heat than HPs
    • Reduced Utility bill
      • higher profit margins
    • More environmentally sound
      • less toxic metal waste
      • longer life cycle
      • less energy per gram
  • LEDs last longer
    • LEDs lose their power slowly
      • 90% retention 3-5 years
    • HPS bulbs burnout
      • replace bulbs 1 or 2 times each year
      • replacement bulbs make it more expensive
      • more time consuming to change out bulbs
  • LEDs provide higher yields
    • HPS yields 1 gram per watt
    • LEDs can yield up to 3 grams per watt
    • LED light does not weaken as fast as HPS
      • Better flower growth on lower colas
      • more yield on the lower colas
      • HPS is too far from lower coals for good yield
  • LEDs safer
    • HPS can provide UV light
      • UV light can harm human skin
      • HPS light means you need head-to-toe covering for employees
      • employees safer work environment with LEDs

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