How to Keep Your Stash Fresh

How Do I Keep My Cannabis Fresh?

How to keep weed your fresh is a question every cannabis consumer asks themselves at one point or another. Whether you keep your bud in an airtight container or a plastic baggie (hopefully not!), there are actual outside factors that play a huge part in keeping your stash fresh. This week Tom and Miggy were joined by Lance Lambert from Boveda to discuss a few tips on how to keep your stash fresh.

What is Boveda?

  • Creates precise humidity control packaging for products
  • Has products for herbal medicine, cigars, and musical instruments
  • ISO, GMP, ASTM, FTA compliant
  • “Boveda” means “vault” in Spanish
  • Founded in 1997
  • Headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota

How to Keep Weed Fresh

Keeping your weed fresh makes for an overall better consuming experience. There are several factors that play a part in extending the shelf life of your cannabis.

“There are three factors on the degradation of any plant matter: exposure to air, exposure to light, and not having the right balance of moisture.” – Lance Lambert

Boveda’s technology helps consumers achieve precise humidity control by adding or removing moisture in your cannabis container.  With Boveda’s technology, only pure water vapor transfers in and out of their packaging.

“Our IP has nothing to do with what’s inside the pack – it’s all-natural. Inside we use salt, purified water, and xanthan gum which is a gumming agent. Our IP, if you will, is the membrane that allows moisture in and out via osmosis.”    Lance Lambert

Boveda is for the novice consumer, the cannabis chef, and the expert cannaseur. Lance mentioned he’s been storing one of his favorite strains with a Boveda packets for three years and it’s still as fresh as when he first got it.

How Does Boveda Affect the Scent of Cannabis?

Keeping your weed fresh is reliant on several factors but when evaluating cannabis many consumers use their nose to detect staleness. Smell and detecting terpenes plays a huge factor when you’re evaluating your cannabis but once you use Boveda you might notice the smell isn’t as pungent as it would be if it were stored in a plastic baggie.

“Boveda doesn’t suppress the smell or terps, it actually sequesters them in the bud and keeps them where they belong. Boveda creates a monolayer over the bud to protect those terpenes and that’s exactly what our biggest priority is.” – Lance Lambert

Actually, if you can smell your cannabis when it’s in it’s container, you’re losing terpenes.

“If you can smell it, it’s losing terpenes. If you can smell it, there’s oxygen escaping out of that environment.” – Lance Lambert

How to Keep Your Weed Fresh with the Right Packaging

Written by: simonat

Marijuana is an organic product. Therefore, it requires the proper environment and humidity control to keep the freshness for longer. How to keep your weed fresh once you get it from a dispensary? The best way is to store it in the right way. Here, you will find out what to do and how to maintain the freshness of your weed. Let’s find out the basics.

Why Is Fresh Weed Important?

Fresh weed contains a lot of cannabinoids, CBC, and THC. As a result, it makes us feel good. However, if you allow your fresh weed to become bad after some time, you will lose all of the potent ingredients of the weed. For that reason, it is important to store weed properly.

The best way to store weed after buying it fresh is to use glass containers with a lid. Glass is a natural keeper of freshness and that is why many products end up in glass containers. If you go one step further and apply the humidity control, you will know how to keep your weed fresh.

Maintaining humidity control is very important in the process of keeping your weed fresh. With the right humidity management, you will prevent contaminants like mold and mildew to spread all over the weed. Fresh weed is very prone to changes in temperature and humidity, which is why good maintaining is essential.

Will My Weed Be Fresh After Opening an Original Package?

We all see how fresh weed is packed now. It is usually part of specially designed packages that keep the freshness of the weed in the best manner. These packages are designed to keep the temperature, airflow, and humidity within the right balance. If you want to keep your weed fresh, the best way to do so is to put the weed in the packages that will serve the purpose of keeping your weed fresh.

One of the most efficient solutions for keeping weed in the fresh condition is using of the humidity control packages. As part of brands that take care about the freshness of your weed, you can find the brand called Boveda.

With a range of different products, Boveda sets standards in the cannabis industry. They offer products that are convenient and effective enough to preserve the right humidity levels. This is all possible by using materials that are made of pure water and natural salts. Paper, small particles, and package solutions are made to meet the standards of the most effective humidity control.

Boveda keeps the weed fresh for longer, and it provides us with the solutions that maintain the quality of the weed. The main THC, CBD, and CBC will be present in the weed, and our enjoyment will last for longer.

Will My Weed Be Fresh at Home?

If you keep the right humidity levels, your weed will be fresh at home. It is important to store your weed in a glass container with a lid and away from light. At the same time, do not store weed in a freeze, attics, or cold and wet places. It is enough to put it in a jar and place it on the counter or in your kitchen. Keeping your weed fresh at home will give your weed more hours of freshness and great taste.

Aside from glass containers, when you bring your weed from a dispensary store, it is best to keep it in a package that will perfectly keep the humidity levels. The packages from Boveda are an ideal option. Glass jars and bottles will keep the freshness for longer, but the main ingredients of weed will be best preserved with the right packaging. And when the freshness is kept by reaching the perfect humidity levels, the effect of the weed is the most visible.

Boveda reaches the goals of the balanced humidity in weed. With Boveda packaging, you can see why your weed needs the right packages to keep the freshness. The taste, look, and smell of the weed will be perfect out of the Boveda package. Therefore, when you know how to keep your weed fresh, you can always count on Boveda. It is a company that knows how to give us the best weed out of the ultimate packaging solution.

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Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.

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