How to Start a Legal Grow Op

How to Start a Legal Grow OpHow to Start a Legal Grow Op

How to start a legal grow op might be the first question you ask yourself if legalization comes to your state. If you’ve ever grown your own cannabis plant at home you already know it’s not a walk in the park. Imagine taking that one plant and multiplying it by the hundreds. While this may seem like a great opportunity to cash in on the legal market, every entrepreneur needs to remind themselves that growth does come at different rates. Grow licenses vary from state to state so check your state’s legislation to see what type of licenses you’re able to apply for. Sunny Saini of Khush Kush joins us to discuss his 10,000 square foot grow op as a Washington Tier 3 Cannabis Grow and give us a few tips on starting your own legal grow operation.

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How to Start a Legal Grow Op

Written by: Simona

Starting a legal grow op in the US requires some preparation and a little bit of knowledge about the marijuana business. We all know that the cannabis industry is the potentially rewarding industry, but only if we apply specific cannabis growth rules can we expect the results in profit.

For that reason, we’ve compiled the list of the most important things to start a grow op business in your state. Here are the questions to consider every time you need advice on how to open a grow op.

Is a Cannabis Cultivation Business Plan Needed?

A cannabis cultivation business plan is the first prerequisite for the company’s success. It is not only the plan where you define operations of your cannabis growing business. It is also a separation of different actions that need to be done along the way.

These necessary actions include:

  • Deciding about the location of the grow op
  • Finding the right partner in the grow op business
  • Fixing the essential issues that come along (e.g., location distance from the facilities, and connect with other partners in business; like dispensaries, shops, home growers, and licensed patients)

Every cannabis cultivation business plan is secured with the contract with sponsors and investors. If you are traditionally funding your business, you can always present a business plan to the moneylender who will decide on the amount specified in the contract.

A basis for a business plan is deciding on roles and daily activities inside the grow op. Once you establish the business, the right operational model will show up to build a reputable brand around your marijuana business.

How to Start a Legal Grow Op

Do I Need a Grower’s License?

A grow op business needs to be defined as a licensed business. In this manner, you will have to apply for the Grower’s License for Medical Marijuana. This license will give you more than one option. In the light of the business, you can always decide on how to grow certain strains, what cultivation methods to apply for marijuana, and how to distribute the plants.

You can also define and control the entire process of cannabis cultivation, which is one of the main advantages of the license. Giving yourself more time to decide on the marijuana growing operation will create more quality in each plant that you choose to grow.

At the same time, you can always get recommendations from the established indoor marijuana growers who will let you know how to grow marijuana in the best way.

Selecting the right methodology, and applying specific cultivation rules will give you more relevant results in the cultivation process.

What is a Commercial Marijuana Grower?

Defining a commercial marijuana grower could be tricky. First of all, we need to think about the marijuana growers who organize their business according to the location and the size of the object. In this case, we can see why some growers have better conditions than others. Sometimes, a large space area gives you an advantage in business.

On the other hand, you can also go with minimal space and create the cultivation process that brings better marijuana quality and delivery.

If you wonder how many plants you can grow as a licensed grower, there is a number for each state. The number of plants also depends on your grow op capacity. If you want to select the more dependent plants on certain air and space conditions, you will have a limited number of these strains.

On the contrary, if you use your grow op capacity to maximize the number of plants, you should go with the strains that are easy to manage, and those with a very fast-growing potential. This way, you can harvest more plants in a smaller area at the end of the cultivation process. Your personal decision about the cannabis strains will define how many plants you can grow.

Why Are Lights So Important for Marijuana Growth?

Marijuana grow op facilities should have ultra-quality lights that are sometimes more expensive than you think, but each dollar invested in good lights will bring you more profit in the long run.

Lights with different polarization will give you more advantage with some strains. At the same time, lights that are ionized bring more particles in the air, producing a significant amount of valuable elements in marijuana plants.

There are many lighting options available, and the commercial growers usually go for LED lights, metal halide grow lights, high-pressure sodium lights, and fluorescent grow lights. You can read more about each lighting system here.

You have a broad spectrum of lights, and only those proven to be healthy for the plant should be used in the grow op. If you are not sure which lightning solution to apply for your marijuana, ask the growers with more experience in various cultivation methods.

What Is an Average Yield Per Square Foot?

It is difficult to say what the average yield is when you grow marijuana. However, there are some commonly found results, and they speak about the methods and cultivation units when you grow marijuana indoors.

The most common answer from the growers who measured yield results was 1-1.5g per watt, which might be a standard for the overall marijuana growth. If we know that one gram per watt is like a “golden measurement” for cannabis yield, then we need to think about producing at least one gram per watt. It could be possible with the application of growth methods that are not standard and usual.

For example, if you install multiple LED lights of 1000 watts per unit, you will get the area more covered with light, and more potentially profitable. The lightened area will include the marijuana plants inside the grow op facility, and you will have more options to recognize the quality plants inside one part of your grow op management system.

For more information about how to start a grow op, you can use a Khush Kush example where grow op growers selected the right marketing techniques to approach the market and expand their business. Once you are in the marijuana grow operation business, you will see why this business has such potential.

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Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.

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