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Criminal Cannabis Litigation Lawyer In Peoria Illinois

There has been a lot of legislation passed, which legalize the use of cannabis. However, this does not mean that you can go around using this product. In Illinois, for instance, the use of medical cannabis was legalized in 2015. Since then, many stores have been selling cannabis products over the counter to qualified medical marijuana card holders.

Cannabis Real estate Issues.

The cannabis business has been booming in Illinois since the legalization of medical cannabis. Both traders and farmers are now conducting business freely, without the fear of interruptions from authorities. However, even with a healthy business environment, cannabis remains a controversial drug. The law legalizing the use of medical cannabis still lacks a clear framework, and the categorization of businesses trading in cannabis is still a big issue.

Tax Overpayment Litigation Expert in Peoria, Illinois

Many employees and business persons often find themselves in a tax overpayment situation. Although the government promises to refund all the extra taxes paid, the process of getting a refund is not as easy as you think.

Cannabis Contract Dispute Litigators

In any business, a contract is only valid when all parties can agree to its terms and conditions. In case there are disagreements, and one party breaches the agreement, then a contract dispute arises. Cannabis contract disputes, just like other disputes, can be settled in and out of the courtroom.

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How to Win a Cannabis License

How to Win a Cannabis License

  How Do I Win a Cannabis License? It’s application season in Illinois and competition is fierce! With only 75 licenses to award, every point in an application counts. Applying for a license is costly, competitive, and in most cases a one time opportunity. This week...

Security Plans for Cannabis Businesses with Thomas Carnevale

Security Plans for Cannabis Businesses with Thomas Carnevale

  What is Cannabis Security? Cannabis Security means that not one gram of cannabis goes missing from seed to sale and everyone in the supply chain from grower to transporter to dispensary to buyer is protected and safe during their purchase and business operations....

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