NYPD Confiscates 106 Pounds of Hemp Thinking It’s Pot

We Know the Difference Between Hemp and Weed, Do Cops?

NYPD cops confused hemp for marijuana. Earlier this month the NYPD confiscated $17K worth of legal hemp from a CBD business owner. When the brother of the business owner went to the police station to work things out – they arrested him. This week Tom and Miggy were joined by brothers Oren and Ronen Levy from Green Angel CBD and That Pet Cure to discuss the events that occurred to them.

NYPD Confiscates 106 Pounds of Hemp Thinking It’s Pot

How Cops Confused Hemp for Marijuana:

  • Oren Levy of Green Angel CBD ordered 106 pounds of 100% legal hemp from Fox Holler Farms in Vermont.
  • After FedEx picked up the shipment, they reported it to a police department in Vermont because they thought it was marijuana.
  • Out of the nine boxes in their shipment, each box contained paperwork (Department of Agriculture documents and Notice to Law Enforcement) stating the legitimacy of the shipment.
  • The police department in Vermont approved everything and requested that FedEx either return the shipment, leave it, or make the delivery
  • FedEx decided to turn the shipment into the NYPD without telling them that it was already seized and cleared
  • 75th precinct has it
  • Officer Greenidge from NYPD’s 75th precinct called Oren to let him know that they cleared all the paperwork with Fox Holler Farms so he could come pick up his shipment
  • Oren was recovering from a surgery and was bed ridden so he asked his brother Ronen Levy to pick up the shipment
  • Around 1:43 PM EST the NYPD received an email from the farm with all proper paperwork – their license, the invoice of order, Department of Agriculture documents, and a letter of contact information
  • Ronen arrived at the station at 3PM and was arrested at 4PM

“I felt violated, I felt scared. I’m convinced this was pre-meditated. This ball was rolling way before I got into the precinct,” – Ronen

CBD businesses test their hemp in labs. The kit the NYPD used to test their hemp came in a small bag and tested positive for THC.

“I tried to explain to them that hemp does have THC, it’s just below the legal level. So no matter how many times or how many bags you test it’s always going to test positive for THC. Us as citizens have to learn and know the laws but it’s clear the police officers don’t,” – Ronen

While Ronen was incarcerated the NYPD took this picture and posted it on their social media channels. 

“Police really have to educate themselves on this stuff. We’re living in a new world, there are new laws. You can’t just not care about paperwork. You can’t use these outdated testing kits,” – Oren

The shipment, which cost Oren over $17K, is still in police custody.

“It pissed us off. I’m running a legal business here. I’m helping people with cancer, I’m helping people with autism, and I’m being treated like a criminal. My brother was falsely arrested. There needs to be a lot more education for law enforcement. Law enforcement has no idea what they’re doing with CBD. It’s a brand new industry. There needs to be somebody going into the precincts or going into the academy and training them on it,” – Oren

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Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.
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Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.

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