Pennsylvania Adult-Use Cannabis Laws

The proposed Pennsylvania adult-use cannabis laws are making cannabis activists excited about SB 350 passing. PA Senator Leach joins us to discuss the bill. Pennsylvania marijuana laws & regulations.

Pennsylvania Adult-Use Cannabis LawsPennsylvania Adult-Use Cannabis Laws

Pennsylvania adult-use cannabis laws are on every Pennsylvania’s cannabis consumer’s mind. Pennsylvania could see recreational (adult-use) cannabis come to their state if SB 350 passes. Senator Leach of Pennsylvania joins us to discuss the cannabis bill he calls, “the best bill in the nation.”

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Pennsylvania Adult-Use Cannabis Laws

Written by: Simona

Searching for Pennsylvania adult-use cannabis laws might be a little bit tricky. Many information is online, and we need to select the news that applies to Pennsylvania’s medical requirements in the right way.

Keeping in mind that the cannabis market in Pennsylvania will double in sales in the next three or four years, reaching the point of $1 billion, we need to consider all aspects of the online and offline sale of cannabis in this state. 

How to Measure the Points of Adult-Use of Cannabis in Pennsylvania?

According to the Marijuana Policy Project report, there are 102,000 medical patients in Pennsylvania. It makes 0.80% of the state’s population where medical marijuana was legalized on April 6, 2016, as part of the program approved by Governor Tom Wolf.

The Governor is now in favor of legalizing recreational cannabis as the predictions presented in financial plans say that sales will reach the highest points in the following years.

How will this legalization plan affect the Pennsylvanian cannabis market?

Today, in the state where the population reaches more than 12 million people, many potential cannabis users are on the list for medical marijuana cards. Simultaneously, the recreational market is increasing as the state wants to legalize recreational cannabis this year. 

If the trend continues, Pennsylvania expects to have many more medical cannabis users and recreational ones.

Pennsylvania Adult-Use Cannabis Laws

What Are the Actual Possession Limits for Cannabis in Pennsylvania?

Typical fines for marijuana possessions in Pennsylvania are between $25 and $500, which is still high if we know that many states already fully legalized marijuana. Possession limits are 30 grams of cannabis found in illegal possession.

Why do Pennsylvanians need to pay high fines for possession of marijuana?

It is part of Pennsylvania’s social equity issues, where we still have huge debates about marijuana legalization. One side of the coin is that legalization would bring much more troubles than benefits, as many officials claim. 

On the other hand, the decriminalization of cannabis in Pennsylvania would open the market that could grow to more than $2 billion, as many predictions say at the moment.

If the officials allow decriminalization of cannabis, we will see why marijuana in Pennsylvania represents one of the highest growing industries in the following years.

What’s a “Use Lounge” in Pennsylvania?

“Use lounge.” A space, determined by the department, in which individuals may use cannabis which the individuals have brought to the space. The space may be public or private and may be owned by a person, including an individual, corporation, partnership, association, trust, government or other entity, or any combination thereof. The space may be shared with, attached to or adjacent to a dispensary, in which case the dispensary may require that patrons of the use lounge use only cannabis sold by the dispensary while on the use lounge’s premises.

How to Open a Dispensary in Pennsylvania

To open a dispensary in Pennsylvania, you will need to comply with the state’s regulatory rules. It means that an applicant must be 21 years or older, and he or she must pay a non-refundable application fee of $5,000.

Consequently, the application will be submitted to the Pennsylvanian Department of Health, where the applicants provide their requests for revision. Some permits will be issued for a limited number of dispensaries, and the lucky applicants will have to fight for a total of 50 dispensaries. Each dispensary must not have more than 3 locations across the state of Pennsylvania.

Additional requirements for opening a dispensary in Pennsylvania are:

  • Ability to maintain security measurements inside the dispensary
  • Providing a diversity plan
  • Having a business organization plan
  • Paying the permit fee of $30,000
  • Proof of $150,000 in overall capital

Complying with all these requirements will get you a chance to win one of the popular dispensary licenses in Pennsylvania. Only 50 of them planned to be issued this year, while the number of applicants hugely exceeds this number. 

How to Get a Microgrowers License in Pennsylvania?

Getting a microgrowers license in Pennsylvania is relatively easy if you follow the official recommendations. The rules propose that up to 150 plants can be grown under the cultivation license. 

At the same time, the licenses are limited to three licenses per person. A large cultivation unit can grow cannabis on up to 150,000 square feet, which applies for outdoor cultivation. 

Smaller units are limited to 60,000 square feet per operational unit where the marijuana is cultivated indoors.

When it comes to adult-use of cannabis in Pennsylvania, the growers will grow up to 10 cannabis plants with an application fee that costs $50 on an annual level.

All these requirements are still under considerable revision by the local government. Some changes will undoubtedly apply in the future as the cannabis market in Pennsylvania continues to grow with the speed we haven’t recently seen in any other state.

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Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.

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