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Try us. Our cannabis business attorneys will help you win a New York cannabis license, get it funded and protect you from risks of penalties, lose of license or getting fined. We have years of experience with cannabis law and helped individuals like you achieve their business goals, as we own and operate businesses in the marijuana industry and have deep knowledge of its risks and trends. We can help protect your business and keep you compliant with all regulations.


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The adult-use cannabis processor license is one of the several licenses added in the proposed new cannabis legislation coming to New York. The proposed “Marihuana Regulation and… Read More

The adult-use processor license is a legal document that authorizes the acquisition, possession, processing, and sale of cannabis from the licensed premises of the adult-use cultivator by… Read More

New York may become the sixteenth state to legalize marijuana, as Gov. Cuomo renewed his vow to legalize marijuana in 2021. And considering the positive implications that this… Read More

New York has become officially one of the states that have legalized the adult-use marijuana business industry. While there are still many advances toward the full business deployment in the… Read More

Is a New York Cannabis Dispensary License a possibility for businessmen and women in the cannabis industry? Now it is! Start setting your business ideas on the table, and get ready for the… Read More

Cannabis microbusiness licenses appear to be a new trend for states when regulating their adult-use cannabis programs. New York microbusiness license is an opportunity for… Read More

New York’s cannabis delivery license may resemble what other states have done with their weed delivery, though we won’t know for sure until legalization passes and final regulations are drafted… Read More

Cannabis Nursery has been referred to as how the industry starts. While not all the states contemplated the nursery license in its regulations, New York lawmakers decided to include this type… Read More

New York Cannabis legalization is official since former-governor Andrew Cuomo signed the regulatory framework for the new law allowing incubator programs and business licenses for the… Read More

As 2022 ends, every New York dispensary application required a “justice-involved” applicant. The first conditional dispensary licenses will all go to peopleHow to open a dispensary in New York that… Read More

New York adults can legally possess and use cannabis starting March 31, 2021. Public smoking of cannabis is not allowed and it remains illegal to drive while under the influence of cannabis… Read More

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*There are specific cannabis licenses available in New York for cultivation, dispensary, manufacturing, testing, and transportation.

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