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We offer the best cannabis legal and consulting services for marijuana licenses, regulations, and compliance for every state in the U.S. 

Cannabis Industry Lawyer

Who We are at Cannabis Industry Lawyer

We are cannabis attorneys and trial lawyers that own and operate businesses in the marijuana industry and have deep knowledge of its risks and trends. Our expertise can help your canna-business gain competitive advantage and mitigate operational risk.

Cannabis Business Plans

What is the best tax structure for a cannabis business?  LLC, C-corp, or S-corp? We’ve help our clients with all these and more in our cannabis business mastermind.

Cannabis Knowledge

Online cannabis business mastermind with hours of video instruction & live help developing your cannabis business. The best value in the industry bar none.

Cannabis Consulting

We can work with you on any aspect of your cananbis business. Start with as little as 10 minutes or take the full hour. Live in-person meetings available upon request.

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What Sets Our Cannabis Lawyers Apart?

We have worked with dozens of cannabis companies over the years, from mom-and-pops to major players. From California to Florida, New Jersey to Colorado, and all states in between where some form of cannabis or hemp is legal, we have helped individuals like you achieve their business goals. With each new client, our experience in the legal aspects of cannabis becomes more nuanced and refined as we have to adapt to specific state laws and regulations.

As a result, today we are well versed in the cannabis laws of every state in America. Our founding attorney, Thomas Howard, spent his first ten years as a lawyer becoming a licensed stock broker (Series 7 & 66 licenses) and then representing financial institutions on secured transactions. We have put together a short survey for new clients to better help us gain an understanding of your company and business goals.

A good cannabis lawyer will help you with cannabis business formation & operation, zoning & permitting, and compliance with local & state licensing.

Consult With Cannabis Lawyer Thomas Howard

You’ve seen him on the internet, were referred to him by someone you know and trust, or you found him on YouTube or the podcast-verse. Now you can become a client of his and consult on your cannabis business venture.

Client Testimonials

See what some of our successful clients have to say about our work together. We take great pride in ensuring the highest standards of client satisfaction.


Tom is the right attorney if you are an investor interested in the Cannabis and Hemp industries in Illinois.


Thomas has been very helpful and knows the industry better than any other lawyer I have spoken with.


The consultation was informative and helped me navigate the tricky process. I would highly recommend his services.

Cannabis Applications Done Well

Contact our multi-state law offices today for help with not only your cannabis license application, but also any operational or transactional aspect of your cannabis business, including: 

Our cannabis Attorneys Business Network

Our founding attorney, Tom Howard, has been recognized by both Leading Lawyers & Super Lawyers, quoted in the Wall Street Journal & Marijuana Business Magazine. He is a member of  the NORML Legal Committee & a Certified Ganjier.


Cannabusiness Law blog

Here you will find a ton of information on cannabis laws for each state, including how to open a dispensary and/or start a cannabis production facility in your state. Our information is updated almost daily and we always offer you the most current data available.

Marijuana Trademarks

Cannabis Trademark Lawyer

Many cannabis business owners are confused if they qualify for trademark protection because the medical marijuana, hemp, and CBD markets are still relatively young. The

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