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Cannabis Zoning & Land Use Planning in Illinois

Illinois Cannabis Zoning

Illinois Cannabis Zoning rules apply for dispensaries or grow operations. Zoning and Land Use special permits or licenses will be required for your cannabis business license application. Cities and counties set their own zoning and land use restrictions. Consult your City’s attorney regarding the zoning for cannabis. Get involved in the local legislative process to help bring cannabis business regulation to your home town.

Illinois Cannabis zoning

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Cannabis Zoning Laws in Illinois:

    • Welcome to what you need to know about cannabis zoning in Illinois – where all cannabis is local.
    • We are going to go over a brief outline of the zoning under the new Cannabis Regulation and Tax act that starts in January of 2020 – but first
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Rock Island Cannabis Zoning Does it RIGHT!

    1. Allows for all types of cannabis businesses
    2. Allows for on-site consumption
    3. Allows for reasonable zoning restrictions for cultivation and retail
    4. Allows for reasonable setbacks for distance between cannabis business and sensitive locations
    5. Read all about Rock Island Cannabis zoning here:

CRTA Leaves Zoning to local

    • Leaves it up to munis for tax and reasonably restrict
    • Leaves open social use
    • Leaves open bans

Illinois Zoning Reasonable Regulations

  • Municipalities Have Reasonable Zoning Restrictions for Cannabis

    • Time
      • 10:00 am to 6:00 pm?
    • Place
      • No residential areas
    • Manner
      • Signage, etc
      • Social use, perhaps
    • Number
      • Max limits of licenses
    • Minimum distance
      • 100 feet from schools or church
  • Land Use Planning for Cannabis
    • Special Use 
      • Use of space that deviates from the normal
      • Often has a permit for it
    • Permitted Use
      • California has cannabis Green Zones
      • Municipalities can adopt cannabis zones
        • Cultivation
        • Craft grow
        • Dispense
        • Infuser

Smoke Free Illinois Act Exception Cannabis

  • Illinois Social Use & Cannabis Lounges

    • Localities can create exceptions to Smoke Free Illinois Act for on-site cannabis consumption
    • Social use is more than just cannabis use at a dispensary
    • Social use more than just at a “cannabis business establishment”
    • Other entities may be authorized by local government of on-site cannabis use
  • Illinois Cannabis Business Establishment

    • Cultivation center
    • dispensary
    • craft grower
    • processor
    • infuser
    • transporter
  • Cannabis Zoning Stes for your community
    • Go to your public hearing
    • Tell people how you want cannabis regulated in your community
    • Help people enjoy a safer substance for a better future
  • Exit
    • Stick with us for our video on all the cool nuances you can do with social use if you let your municipalities’ liquor licensing ordinance by your guide – why there are over 15 different types of liquor licenses in my city, and probably yours too.  See you next time – and remember cannabis is not legal until lance gloor and other cannabis prisoners are free.

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cannabis industry lawyer

316 SW Washington St, Suite 1A Peoria,
IL 61602, USA
Call Us 309-740-4033 || e-Mail Us

cannabis industry lawyer

150 S. Wacker Drive,
Suite 2400 Chicago IL, 60606, USA
Call Us 312-741-1009  || e-Mail Us
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