Hemp consulting session

Hemp consulting session

✔ 60 – 70 Minutes with Tom on your Hemp Business

✔ Take Your Hemp Company to Next Level

✔ CBD cultivation guidance

✔ Hemp Processing strategies

✔ Law Enforcement Mitigation

✔ Hemp Farming Contracts Variations

✔ Hemp Futures Contracts

✔ Trademarks and IP protections

✔ 2 Free Hours if Retained

Complete the payment window and book your consultation to discuss best practices to enter the competitive field of cannabis in Illinois.

We’ll cover the law and strategy in detail during your 90-minute session. Hope to talk with you soon,

Thomas Howard



Thanks for being here.

You are one of about 15-20 people hitting this page today.  And we love that you’re ready to get into the cannabis plant and called us!

No, that is literally what we are about – the whole intentions of the Illinois law that seeks to enrich the community and help rectifiy certain bad laws over the past 80 years.

So we study it religiously and are putting together high quality applications and ancillary operations services for new entrants to sector.

But – we’ve kinda done our job a little too well.  You see, everyone calls.  How many of you are actually ready to enter a space where you need to protect yourself from the new laws, confused cops, and a Wild West atomosphere?

So you should protect yourself and get a consult from a cannabis industry lawyer that you’ve seen and heard from before demonstrating his expertise in the industry.

The consult gets you into your hemp business concept fast and walks you to your next steps and provides realistic expectations of turning your dream to reality.

They last between 60 and 90 minutes.  Everyone also gets a copy of Tom’s cannabis book from 2010 that got here to where he is today.

We have not stopped adding value yet – and neither should you – 

The consultation fee is refunded if you retain our cannnabis lawyers for your adult use business in a credit for 2 free hours of work.

Buy your consulation now before we stop accepting new clients.  Again – we are still employing SEO best practices to grow this, and we can also discuss your web and software plans in the consult.

Talk to you soon.


Learn more about our Cannabis Industry Lawyer from his webpages for his law practice provided below.

Since 2010, Thomas Howard has been researching and publishing on the cannabis laws and now he offers help to companies entering the cannabis industry with:

→ Cannabis License Applications

→ Compliance tips

→ Contract drafting

→ Negotiating insights

→ Buy/Sell business options

Want to win a license?

Here’s where you can learn how we’ve won before and will again.