Cannabis Transport Vehicles

Cannabis Transport Vehicles NorCal VansCannabis Transport Vehicles

Cannabis transport vehicles are needed to transport cash, cannabis, and other valuable items to warehouses, retail stores, and private vaults. Cannabis transporter NorCal Vans joins us with guest host Dustin Robinson to discuss the best technology for transporting these highly valuable items.

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Cannabis Transport Vehicles NorCal VansWhat is NorCal Vans?

Cannabis transport vehicles would be nothing without the technology that goes into them. NorCal Vans is an ancillary cannabis business located in Northern California that offers compliant transport vehicle conversions for the cannabis industry. In one of their custom converted vehicles you could find:

  • Composite partition behind driver and passenger seat
  • Insulated rear and side doors
  • LED interior lighting
  • Refrigeration capabilities
  • Rear loading deposit safe

It can be expensive to ship one of their vehicles across America so NorCal Vans has invented the Cannacage.

“It’s just not feasible to ship a vehicle across the United States. This week we’re launching a Cannacage which is a kit that you can have your local mechanic install so you can have a compliant cannabis transport vehicle.” – Todd LaPant, NorCal Vans

NorCal Vans Brings Solutions in the Cannabis Transportation Industry

Written by: Simona

Transportation of cannabis is more comfortable when you have the right transportation service. When it comes to cannabis transportation and distribution, one company stands as a leader in California. It is the NorCal Vans company with the cannabis distribution strategy that spreads across the entire state.

How NorCal Vans Provides Cannabis Transportation Solutions

NorCal Vans and their partners, aside from the cannabis transportation business, strive to provide different services to people who live in California. The company serves the mission to encourage citizens to use transportation services for different kinds of purposes, all the way from city commuting to kids’ transportation. The options for transport are vast, and NorCal Vans offers most of the essential services as part of their offer. 

Here are the primary vehicle services you can find as part of the NorCal Vans company:

  • Basic shuttle transport for an affordable and efficient commuting
  • Executive shuttle for business and executive needs around the city
  • Wheelchair vans for the customers in need of comfortable transport 
  • Personal mobility vans for improved mobility in city areas
  • Refrigeration solutions vans for the specific industries
  • Secure transport for the cannabis industry transportation and flexibility

The last service, called secure transport, is the ultimate solution for the transportation of cannabis in California and other states. With more than one vehicle, NorCal Vans exceeds the expectations of cannabis business owners when it comes to cannabis transportation and distribution.

As a result of successful transportation, many cannabis companies can get access to cannabis and its products. NorCal Vans serves as a middleman service provider between a cultivator and a dispensary. At the same time, the company offers support in distributing cannabis among different dispensaries and cultivation centers.

Solutions in cannabis transport are sometimes not easy to manage. The professionals from NorCal Vans are ready to apply the new standards in transportation that lead to a better distribution of cannabis across different states.

Cannabis Transport Vehicles NorCal VansHow NorCal Vans Changes the Cannabis Transportation Business

With the current “green rush,” we’ve become a nation with enormous needs for cannabis products. Transportation and logistics of cannabis products have been an increasing business opportunity for many years. NorCal Vans pivoted to the cannabis industry around 2018 when they received calls from cannabis organizations who were interested in their transportation vehicles.

As a company with over four decades of experience in converting vehicles, NorCal Vans serves the customers professionally and reliably. The staff and executives are part of many cannabis industry events. Their presence at 2019 Cannabis Business Summit and Expo in San Jose, CA, was one of the best presentations of their transportation solutions.

Another mission of NorCal Vans is to provide administrative services to people in the cannabis industry. As a business owner, you can choose from many options when searching for the best cannabis transportation solutions.

Vehicles that NorCal Vans uses are fully compatible with conditioning measurements for safe cannabis transportation. All the vehicles are equipped with the following additions:

  • Refrigeration
  • Safes and lockboxes
  • GPS and security systems
  • Rear air conditioning

Providing transportation solutions for cannabis and CBD products is more comfortable with the company like NorCal Vans. They are changing the cannabis industry by helping people get marijuana in ideal conditions and under all of the transport regulations.

Will NorCal Vans Continue to Be a Leading Cannabis Transportation Service?

Cannabis transport vehicles are popular in legal markets but the vision of people at NorCal Vans is clear. The company presents itself as a leader in the Californian market for legal cannabis distribution. They operate under official licenses and serve clients on a daily level. As one of the leading companies, NorCal Vans provides vehicles that distribute cannabis to all business operations in the legal cannabis market.

Services that you can get from NorCal Vans are not limited only to cannabis transportation. You can also enjoy all the services that include daily transportation of smaller groups or sports teams, kids’ school teams, private organization teams, and all other groups of people that need safe and reliable transport.

As part of the NorCal Vans’ vision, we see how the company develops the business transport strategy for the future. They started as a small brand in California, and nowadays, they are a group of professionals with a highly dedicated approach to the transportation market. In California, as well as in other states, we need more companies like NorCal Vans.

Is Cannabis Transportation Safe With NorCal Vans?

Cannabis transport vehicles carry valuable items that are entirely safe with the vehicles offered by NorCal Vans. We see now how important it is to have a reliable partner in cannabis distribution, and the right company can change the way we see our cannabis business. The right approach from NorCal Vans is a safe way to get cannabis from one point to another. It is also an effective manner to keep marijuana in perfect condition.

The company applies all the safety measurements for cannabis transport. They use safety solutions that protect the plants at the highest level. Conditioning and fan adjustments are ideal for any cannabis plant, which is a crucial precondition for better transportation. 

Searching for a safe way to transport cannabis can end here. NorCal Vans has everything your cannabis plant needs.

How Cannabis Transport Vehicles Operate on a Daily Level

Cannabis transport vehicles are best when they’re equipped with the necessary tools and facilities. When it comes to cannabis transport vehicles, you can see many kinds of vehicles. Still, only those that add additional safety to the cannabis plants can be labeled as safe cannabis transport vehicles.

Many of the vehicles are too big or too small. NorCal Vans’ cannabis transport vehicles are just ideal for the transportation of cannabis. We can finally get our marijuana in the same conditions as before shipment, which is why NorCal Vans is the best company for cannabis transportation in California. The company also represents the standard in the distribution of cannabis products across the entire country.

It is easier to transport cannabis safely and more efficiently with the transport services offered by NorCal Vans.

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Thomas Howard

Thomas Howard

Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.
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Thomas Howard

Thomas Howard

Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.

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