Grams Per Watt Cannabis Yield

Grams Per Watt Cannabis Yield

Grams per watt
Grams Per Watt in Cannabis Yield

When you harvest cannabis, yield amount is the most important result of your harvesting
methods? As mentioned before, you can have two types of trimming marijuana methods;
one is wet trim, and another is dry trim. Depending on the trimming method, you get
different yield results from your cannabis harvest.

How to know if your cannabis yield is enough and how to get more out of the harvest?
Here are the answers to these critical questions about marijuana harvest and yield results.
You will also learn how to apply some of the essential methods for getting the most out of
the cannabis yield.

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At the first stage of your marijuana cultivation, you need to make sure the proper conditions for marijuana cultivation are met.

First of all, you need to think about your lightning.  Become a lighting nerd for optimal cannabis yield.

As we know, the proper amount of light is crucial for marijuana growth and the future yield results. Therefore, find the lightning source that applies best for your plant and see how it reacts to this kind of lightning. If the leaves are green after some period, and your plant looks healthy, go for this light and see how you can improve other conditions.

cannabis yield grams per watt
LED lights are different than HPS and fuel the watts per gram measure of marijuana yield.

Another essential factor is water. The amount of light must be proportional to the amount of water, which is the factor that most people underestimate when they grow marijuana. If you apply more light solutions, you need to water your plant more often. 

Of course, you need to think about the right amounts of both, because not each plant is responsive to high volumes of light and water.

As you can see, cannabis cultivation is a science, but you can understand it better when you start a home-grown marijuana action.

Other Cannabis Cultivation Conditions That Increase Yield

There are also some other factors to consider when you want to get the best yield from your marijuana harvest methods.

  • Control Marijuana Plant Height
  • Cut the Leaves Correctly
  • Feed the Plant with the Best Cannabis Nutrients
  • Control the Temperature and Humidity
  • Be Patient About the Right Harvesting Moment

What is the Perfect Yield for Marijuana?

The perfect yield for marijuana depends on many questions. It is how you grow the plant, how you cut and trim, and apply the proper conditioning measurements to decide on the overall cannabis yield amount.

If you want to learn more about the perfect yield, it is best to consult your dispensary staff as they will tell you more about the cannabis plant and its structure. When you know how much the plant can grow, and what nutrients are the best for it, you will know better how to treat the cannabis plant correctly.

At the same time, it is good to know the percentage of grams of your cannabis yield compared to watts of your lightning. Sounds complicated? Let’s make it easier to understand.

How Many Grams Per Watt Is an Ideal Amount?

In some ideal conditions, you may produce one gram of buds per one watt of light applied to the plant. In most cases, this is practically impossible because the more significant amounts of buds require a lot of conditioning methods that are not related only to light sources.

You should also consider the drying methods, humidity levels, other light sources except for your lamps, and additional conditions that are adding quality to your cannabis plant.

Maybe one gram per watt is not always possible to make, but some lower amounts are very well expected. You can be satisfied with half of this amount. Most cannabis producers make 0.5 gram/watt, which is still quite good and quite realistic.

How to produce this or a more massive amount of cannabis?

You can use some of the most effective yield techniques. One of the best methods for making the most out of your cannabis yield is using the right temperature and humidity.

As part of the equipment, you will need fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, and AC. All these pieces of equipment put additional costs on your electricity bill, and you may end up with huge expenses.

You may need to consider all these aspects of cultivation when applying the right cultivation methods for getting the best yield from cannabis.

A more considerable amount of buds is possible only if you adjust the temperature, light, and humidity. These aspects are relevant only if you know the genetic structure of your plant. For this to see, you must read more about your cannabis species and its perfect conditional requirements.


When speaking about yield numbers, you can cheat a little bit. Some growers include trim leftovers in their gram-per-watt ratio, but this is not an actual amount of buds. Only the bud shape and its main content is the yield result you should measure. Again, if you get 1 gram per watt, you can be sure you did an excellent job. If you get more, please tell us your secret.

Legal Side of Cannabis Yield

As you probably know, home-grown cannabis is very limited in most states where home growth is legal. In those states, you must be informed about the number of plants you can grow, and you should also find out more about the cannabis rules that apply to cannabis growers.

If you’ve decided to go for cannabis cultivation in your state, consider all the legal aspects before. It is best to consult the right cannabis attorney who can help you decide how many plants you can grow and what standards of cultivation to apply to get the best yield results from your cannabis cultivation.

To read more about cannabis legalization and its history dates, take a book written by the hand of a legal presenter of cannabis activism in Illinois. It is Thomas Howard’s book under his pseudonym, Hoam Rogh, and under the title called “The Case of U.S. v. Yerbas” that you can find online.


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