How to Win a Cannabis License

How Do I Win a Cannabis License?

It’s application season in Illinois and competition is fierce! With only 75 licenses to award, every point in an application counts. Applying for a license is costly, competitive, and in most cases a one time opportunity. This week Miggy and Tom were joined by expert Jay Czarkowski, Founding Partner at Canna Advisors, to discuss exactly what it takes to have a successful application. Canna Advisors has an incredible history of producing winning applications for their clients. Learn what makes for a winning application in this weeks episode:

How to Win a Cannabis License with Canna Advisors
How to Win a Cannabis License with Canna Advisors

What is Canna Advisors?

  • A cannabis business consulting agency specializing in brand development and license applications
  • Has won applications in 29 states as well as Guam, Puerto Rico, and Canada
  • Founded by Diane and Jay Czarkowski in 2013
  • Operating out of Boulder, Colorado

What Services Does Canna Advisors Offer?

  • Brand Development
  • Business Development
  • Compliance
  • Growth & Optimization
  • Exit Strategy
  • Licensing Application
  • Operations Readiness
  • Staff Sourcing
  • Start-up

Why You Need a Consultant

  • An application is expensive, an application for a dispensary can be in the tens of thousands of dollars
  • The landscape is incredibly competitive
  • Applications are complex
  • Consultants like Canna Advisors have the experience and expertise

Beginning Steps to Increase Your Chances of Winning a License

  • Start early!
  • Aquire a fully compliant property
  • Fill key staff roles
  • Have a strong financial model with acquired funds

Having a team dedicated to the success of your business and application can increase the chances of winning an application. Applications are costly, precarious, and incredibly complex. A team dedicated to positioning your cannabis business for success can do wonders for an application.


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