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Cannabis Business Tax Update


Jim Breese from Green Growth CPAs Guests

Miggy leads off the show with his News of the Week being the FDA dropping its transcript of the testimony – 622 pages.  Linked below.

Tom talks about Tegridy, CuraLeaf getting an FDA notice.

Then it is a deep dive into tax and operations of cannabis.  Check it out!


Green Growth CPAs

Watch out for IRC 280E

Cannabis Legalization News for July 24, 2019

We run down the news for the week, then talk with Jim Breese of Green Growth CPAs regarding developments in treatment of taxes and cannabis businesses.




Cannabis Lawyer


The FDA issued a slap down on Curaleaf & released its minutes from the May 31, 2019 hearing.



South Park Seems To Take A Jab At Marijuana Company MedMen In Satirical Ad

Historic: Judiciary Committee Chairman Introduces Bill To End Federal Marijuana Prohibition

Florida Police to Stop Detaining for Cannabis Odor

How to Win a Cannabis License

How to Win a Cannabis License

  How Do I Win a Cannabis License? It’s application season in Illinois and competition is fierce! With only 75 licenses to award, every point in an application counts. Applying for a license is costly, competitive, and in most cases a one time opportunity. This week...

Thomas Howard

Thomas Howard

Cannabis Lawyer

Thomas Howard has been in business for years and can help yours navigate towards more profitable waters.

Thomas Howard was on the ball and got things done. Easy to work with, communicates very well, and I would recommend him anytime.

R. Martindale

Cannabis Industry Lawyer is a Stumari designed website for Tom Howard’s law practice at the central Illinois lawyers firm of Hall, Rustom & Fritz.

Need A Cannabis Attorney?

Our cannabis business attorneys are also business owners.  They can help you structure your business or help protect it from overly burdensome regulations.


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