Social Equity and Changing the Stigma

How to Make the Cannabis Industry Stronger

Social equity in the cannabis industry is an absolute necessity when developing legislation. The cannabis industry is still in its nascent stage which is why it’s important to challenge any wrong doings now. This week we were joined by Caitlein Ryan and Kristin Baldwin from The Cannabis Alliance to discuss social equity, changing the stigma, and how every consumer can make an impact on legislation.

What is The Cannabis Alliance?

  • A cannabis non-profit
  • The largest dues-paying Cannabis Trade Association in Washington State
  • Advocating to remove the 37% excise tax for WA medical marijuana patients
  • Advocated for reducing cannabis package thickness by half from 4ML to 2ML
  • Launched in 2016
  • Headquartered in Seattle, WA

Cannabis Social Equity with The Cannabis Alliance

Social equity in the cannabis industry is more demanding than we think. In today’s world, we face a situation where more people are involved in matters of social injustice than social equity. It is a result of the constant development of cannabis stigma where people are simply blind to see what can cannabis do for the good of the social standards of freedom and consistency. If we manage to notice how cannabis can help us see more opportunities for social development and dedication to equality, we will be able to use cannabis more openly and with a better understanding of its benefits for all of us.

In the case of social liberation and concerning human rights, there is an organization that provides the core structure for waste reduction, legalization, and social awareness in terms of cannabis use. It is the Cannabis Alliance, the non-profit organization that pushes the boundaries and develops plans for cannabis implementation in the light of legal, social, and medical matters.

What the Cannabis Alliance Do for The Society

The Cannabis Alliance is a Washington-based organization that implements strategies that will further legalize marijuana in the form of medical and business clarification. We now need more centralized hubs that advocate and serve the communities in the right way. The Cannabis Alliance is one of them.

As part of the programs they develop, we can see how one independent organization can provide more information on cannabis use and its benefits.

We not only see the benefits of cannabis use as medical and recreational aid. We also see how people start to realize the core of the cannabis industry. It is provoking people to gain more knowledge and share it with their communities to remove the stigma on cannabis and create a more open-minded opinion about the subject.

Is the Cannabis Alliance Ready for the Social Change

Social equity in the cannabis industry needs constantly working projects and is the essential advocacy for cannabis implementation in everyday life. With so many standards in the industry, we cannot realize whether cannabis is good or bad for us. However, we can notice the results of cannabis liberalization today. Users are more educated, medical patients are more healthy, and society benefits from cannabis in multiple ways. One of the benefits is realizing how cannabis can start a conversation that leads to more social equality and tolerance.

Today, we need tolerance more than ever before. If we divide into groups that are against cannabis without even considering the positive sides, problems with cannabis awareness will remain to be present. In terms of social equity, the main word is the conversation. We need groups and hubs that will develop social gatherings around the subject that brings so much diversity. Cannabis is a thing that we need to talk about in a more educated, considerable, and reasonable manner.

How Can the Cannabis Alliance Create More Awareness?

The willingness to separate the good from the bad is what can change our cannabis environment. There are certainly points that are still under question when it comes to cannabis benefits, but we need to clarify them more and realize what we can do to provide people with more options.

Constant advertising of the products is not always good, which is why businesses need to pay more attention to what they sell and how they sell it. In terms of cannabis social equity, overpromotion can only create the adversity we do not need today.

The Cannabis Alliance tries to change the situation for the better. Waste of resources and the waste of energy on the things that are not relevant to the cannabis industry will lead to more separation and more problems.

That is why the organization develops something that changes the way we see the cannabis industry today. They are on the mission to help people overcome the stigma while considering all the sides of cannabis. It is not always easy to see both sides of the coin, but we can still manage to see which side is a better one.

Cannabis will remain to be a matter of social inequality if we do not take measures to provoke the government to change the political environment when it comes to cannabis use.

At the moment, the Cannabis Alliance delivers the solutions that can improve the industry for better. Moreover, they create possibilities for people to debate without discrimination and constant labeling.

If we can talk on a more considerable level, we will be able to see why cannabis can become a grounding force for better understanding where tolerance and respect remain the basic foundation for developing human rights and social equity.

How the Cannabis Alliance Change the Stigma on Cannabis

The stigma on cannabis has been present for years, even decades. People are still believing cannabis is part of the culture that is related to drug overuse, addiction, crime, and political discourse. Hence to say, part of these problems still exists today, but we are leaning towards the movement where cannabis will be present in the everyday lives of many people. Forms will be different, but one thing will remain constant. Cannabis will help people live a more quality life, especially when used for medical purposes.

On the other hand, our society will have a more open-minded attitude when governments and political structures start to realize how the cannabis industry can impact economical and medical side of everyone who is involved in the industry. For these reasons, the Cannabis Alliance is trying to develop the programs in which cannabis will be presented in the way it is—the opportunity for many people to live a more quality life.

What is the Main Mission of the Cannabis Alliance?

The main mission of the Cannabis Alliance is to provide legal and practical solutions for cannabis legalization. In this light, we see the initiative to develop the strategies that serve as a grounding point for future legalization matters. The Cannabis Alliance has been working closely with the lawyers, Senate Bill creators, and cannabis activist who are fully engaged in developing new standards in the cannabis industry.

With this in mind, we see how one organization can develop a completely centered hub where cannabis advocacy can change the cannabis environment. Constant work on medical assets, standardization of the cannabis laws, and further development of business opportunities will accurately serve the community and the entire national cannabis movement.

As a result, it will be possible to see the real implementations of cannabis activism in real time.

Will This Non-profit Organization Change the Way We See Cannabis?

At some points, the Cannabis Alliance develops the strategies that will further implement in the cannabis industry. The overall stigma on cannabis will be present for many years to come, but some crucial facts tell us that organizations like the Cannabis Alliance can change how we see the industry today.

It is not only about profit that makes the difference here. It is also about the social acknowledgment of the benefits of cannabis. More and more people are enrolling in medical programs that centralize the overall implementation of medical cannabis laws. In the situation where we face so many changes in official marijuana regulations, it is clear that some law standardization will be needed.

How we can achieve it?

With the constant development of cannabis regulations that serve the right purpose. We cannot only lean on the social movements and constant advocacy that positively speak about cannabis. We should give actionable advice that practically changes the cannabis regulations. This is only possible through continuous work on legal matters where defining of the cannabis laws is strict and completely transparent.

It is Left to See How the Cannabis Alliance Will Represent the Rights of the Cannabis Users

At the time, the Cannabis Alliance is fully developing a plan to spread awareness about cannabis in all states. They are operating in Washington where cannabis tight regulations and high taxes are still representing a real obstacle for complete cannabis regulation. If they can manage to contribute to activism, social awareness, and legal actions, we will see why this kind of organizations represent a grounding point for the overall cannabis regulation in the states.

The Cannabis Alliance works closely with the University of Washington, WSDA, and other organizations that develop plans for cannabis implementation in everyday life. All these initiatives will result in more developed plans that bring structure to the cannabis industry. Moreover, cannabis activism of this kind will serve a unique purpose. It is finding the solutions that will benefit all of us, both users of cannabis and people who are still holding a stigma on cannabis use.

Medical, economical, and social benefits are already obvious. It is left to see how the Cannabis Alliance and similar organizations can help legalize marijuana in its best form. So far, we’ve seen huge improvements.

In the future, we expect even more in legal activism for cannabis regulation across all the possible channels of cannabis activism.

Cannabis Social Equity The Cannabis Alliance

The Cannabis Alliance Mission and Objective

THE CANNABIS ALLIANCE is a non-profit, membership-based association of individuals, businesses, government officials, and non-profit organizations dedicated to the advancement of a vital, ethical, and sustainable cannabis industry.

The Cannabis Alliance understands that the war on drugs has created misconceptions, mistrust and even fear about the industry and legalization. We want to change those perceptions and improve the business environment for our members through education, advocacy, and helping set the highest possible industry standards. Since the Alliance began its first year in 2016, we have been proudly representing and promoting professionals working in the Washington State cannabis industry. 

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Thomas Howard

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Thomas Howard

Thomas Howard

Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.

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