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How to Get a Cannabis Business License in New Jersey

New Jersey Cannabis License

HOW TO GET A CANNABIS BUSINESS LICENSE IN NEW JERSEY Updated: September 2021 The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Committee (CRC) regulations were released on late August 2021, by state officials, outlining the future of the cannabis industry. If you want to take a look at New Jersey’s initial rules for the cannabis market, check out our …

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Cannabis Laws in Montana

Montana Cannabis Legalization

Montana Cannabis News | Montana Cannabis Legalization Montana is getting ready to vote on recreational cannabis legalization this November! With two initiatives on the ballot – initiatives CI-118 and I-190 – Montana is one of the five states, alongside Arizona, Mississippi, New Jersey and South Dakota, to vote on joining the growing list of states …

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Missouri Cannabis Lawyer

Missouri Cannabis Lawyer

Will Missouri Legalize Adult-Use Cannabis in 2020? Missouri cannabis lawyer, Dan Viets, has practiced law in Missouri for over 30 years. He’s spent most of his time defending Missourians from outdated cannabis laws. In addition to being a board member of NORML he’s also the receiver of Conan O’Brien on the Tonight Show’s “Audiencey Award” …

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