Texas Legalizes Hemp

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Texas legalizes hemp industrial, Nevada prohibits discrimination against cannabis users, planting update for hemp in Illinois – Is hemp legal in texas?

Texas Legalizes Hemp

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed a bill legalizing hemp and hemp-derived products the week of June 12, 2019. This bill sets in motion a process for creating state regulations regarding production of hemp as well as clarifies that hemp-based products such as CBD oil are legal as long as they contain no more than 0.3% THC. Interestingly, the legal 0.3% CBD oil is barely below the THC level in the marijuana derived oil offered to patients in Texas’ Compassionate Use program, which is only 0.5% THC.

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Discussed in the video above, Nevada has become the first state to ban employers from refusing to hire those who fail a marijuana test. However, there are some exceptions…Click for full article.

Researchers from the University of Texas have found a lower rate of opioid use among people ages 18-54, who have private insurance, and live in states with legal access to medical marijuana. This research supports and suggests that legal access to medical marijuana may help reduce the number of opioid prescriptions issued to patients in that age bracket. Read more about it here

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