What is Principal Officer for a Cannabis Company in Illinois?

What is Principal Officer for a Cannabis Company in Illinois?

Principal Officer Definition

To become a principal officer for a cannabis company in Illinois, you must provide certain proof to the state of your trustworthiness.

A “Principal Officer” of a cannabis company in Illinois is: a cannabis business establishment applicant or licensed cannabis business establishment’s board member, owner with more than 1% interest of the total cannabis business establishment or more than 5% interest of the total cannabis business establishment of a publicly traded company, president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, partner, officer, member, manager member, or person with a profit sharing, financial interest, or revenue sharing arrangement. The definition includes a person with authority to control the cannabis business establishment, a person who assumes responsibility for the debts of the cannabis business establishment and who is further defined in this Act.

According to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, all applicants who want to apply for a principal officer in the cannabis business must meet certain requirements. The following information contains what is needed to be done to apply for the principal officer and what the main benefits are at the end of the process. In Illinois, each proposed principal officer must pass through the complete financial and biographical background check to get approved. After the application is approved, a principal officer can work as a dispensing organization or as an entity inside any dispensing structure. Here are the relevant things to consider before applying.

What is Principal Officer for a Cannabis Company in Illinois?

As defined in the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, a principal officer in cannabis industry in Illinois is a cannabis business establishment applicant or board member, owner with a certain percent of interest in cannabis business establishment, president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, partner, officer, member, manager member, or person with a profit sharing, financial interest, or revenue sharing arrangement.  

A person who wants to become a principal officer may not be a principal officer or hold a financial interest in more than 10 early approval or adult use dispensing organizations. Applicant’s character and fitness are also taken into consideration as part of the review process. The application may be denied if the Division finds the applicant is lacking in good character, honesty, and integrity.  

How to Apply for a Principal Officer in the Cannabis Business in Illinois?

A proposed principal officer must complete the application form for different regulatory bodies in Illinois. If you plan to apply for a principal officer, you must send the application for review to the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Division of Professional Regulation, and Cannabis Enforcement Section. They will review the application and consider if you meet the requirements to become a principal officer.  

If you want to submit the application for a principal officer, you should apply with the following information:  

  • Cannabis Principal Officer Attestation Form 
  • Criminal History Form 
  • Fingerprint-Based criminal history records check 
  • Summary of education, work experience and previous involvement in the cannabis industry 
  • Complete Financial Disclosures 
  • Letter of Good Standing  

As part of knowledge and experience, an applicant must show experience and qualifications in business management. The great advantage is if an applicant has experience in the cannabis industry. With the proper knowledge of a principal officer, dispensing and sale of cannabis are much safer and more accurate inside the industry. 

At the same time, a proposed principal officer must know a lot about various cannabis product strains and varieties. He or she should also describe the types and quantities of products that are planned to be sold. The main difference between cannabis paraphernalia and edibles must be made as part of the confirmation of the products that the dispensing organization plans to sell. 

A principal officer must be at least 21 years old and he or she must submit complete written summaries of any information regarding the previous business of a prospective board member. The applicant must include information if the business was fined or censured. At the same time, if the registration was suspended or revoked in any administrative or judicial proceeding, it must be submitted to the Department.  

How to Meet the Application Requirements to Become a Principal Officer?

An applicant who wants to become a principal officer must meet certain criteria to become one. Sometimes, the list of requirements seems to be quite long. In this case, we point the crucial requirements that need to be met to get a license. A proposed principal officer must:

  • Pay a non-refundable application fee of $5, 000 for each license an applicant applies for
  • Include the legal name of the proposed dispensing organization
  • Provide a statement that indicates whether the person holds an ownership interest in a cannabis business establishment in Illinois or another part of the USA
  • Provide a resume that indicates whether an applicant has an academic degree, certification, or relevant experience in the cannabis industry
  • Provide a copy of the proposed business plan that includes a description of services and the process of dispensing cannabis
  • Provide a proposed security plan that indicates the process of controls that will be implemented to monitor the dispensary, and secure the premises, agents, and currency, and prevent the diversion, theft, or loss of cannabis
  • Provide a proposed floor plan, a square footage estimate, and a description of all security devices that are part of the business operation area
  • Give the address, telephone number, and email address of the place of the proposed business 

As part of the application process, an applicant must also create a plan for community engagement, ensure accurate record-keeping and security measures, and estimate the volume of cannabis that is planned to be stored at the dispensary. 

These requirements are not complete. The full list of requirements can be found in the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act inside the Illinois Compiled Statutes.

What Are the Benefits of Becoming a Principal Officer in Illinois?

If you become a principal officer in Illinois, you can expect great benefits from the business. It is estimated that more than a quarter dispensaries generate revenues that exceed $1 on an annual level. This is a huge opportunity for every dispensary to sell cannabis and profit from sales. Becoming a principal officer also has advantages in creating better social plans that can save you a lot of money at the end of the year. You can also be part of dispensary organizations that provide better terms and lower taxes for cannabis products.

All these facts about principal officers in Illinois are based on official acts and regulations. If you want to apply to become a principal officer in the cannabis business in Illinois, you should consult the right cannabis attorney who can help you learn what is needed in your specific case. A cannabis attorney will increase your chances to submit a successful application for a principal officer in Illinois. 

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