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Finding Your Cannabis Community

This cannabis community for women has morphed into much more since it was founded in the mid 2010’s. Tokeativity was founded in 2016 amidst a historic women’s movement that impacted every industry from entertainment to journalism. Organizations like Women Grow and Illinois Women in Cannabis are cultivating similar experiences for women. Today we’re speaking with Tokeativity Co-Founder, Lisa Snyder, about their feminist cannabis community.


What is Tokeativity?

  • A global feminist community for active cannabis culture
  • They host community events around the globe
  • Has a non-profit social club for women
  • Founded in 2016
  • Headquartered in Portland, OR

What does feminism look like to Tokeativity?

This cannabis community for women understands that feminism is not restricted to women.

“In 2020 feminism looks like having women be an important part of the normalization conversation and really including everybody in that conversation. Equality is obviously something that is very important to women but it really needs to be expanded to an everybody conversation. Especially with what’s happening in our country we really need more people thinking and talking about equality because in general it feels better and everybody wins. It takes time and community building and relationship building and trust.” – Lisa Snyder

What did you consider when drafting your Code of Conduct?

This cannabis community for women opened their non-profit which allows people of all genders to join in. To join however, you need to agree to Tokeativity’s Code of Conduct which has guidelines of how a member should interact with other members.

“If we’re changing cannabis culture and really leaning into what it means to be respectful of each other and really setting the rules for what that even means, then we need to be using codes of conduct. Different people have different definitions of what’s respectful and we really wanted to set the tone for what it is that we find to be respectful and where the line is.” – Lisa Snyder

One of your missions is “empowering women at the root level”. What is the root level?

“The root level to me means the internal dialogue that women have. Women are told from the time they’re born that they can only do certain things. However the root level to me means exploring that internal conversation that becomes a woman’s external environment.” – Lisa Snyder

Why is community so important in the cannabis space?

“Being able to meet each other is huge. We need to know each other during this super chaotic time in our political climate. We all need to know one another and support one another businesses. If we don’t really know who’s behind the scenes how can we really feel good about supporting that business or buying from them. I feel way better buying from a farm where I’ve been to the farm and know the farmer. Or I know the people behind the scenes who are caring about it. It’s all about relationships.” – Lisa Snyder

Cannabis Community for Women

Written by: Howell.Natasha

Cannabis has a lot of benefits, especially when it comes to medicinal value. However, the fact that most states still illegalize cannabis makes it hard for most people to acquire it from reliable sources. Despite this, there are a few activists who are fighting to ensure that people get access to cannabis. One of those activists is Lisa Snyder, who is a renowned name in the digital industry. Lisa has designed numerous websites and has also been involved in several feminist programs as an activist. Since 2005, she has been the CEO of Tokeativity, which is the cannabis community for women.

Lisa Snyder Background

Lisa has been working in the digital world for a long time and has a background in search engine optimization. She has been an online personality since 2004 and has been involved in multiple projects dealing with the empowerment of women. She has a web design and SEO firm, which she sometimes uses to give voice to the marginalized. Her drive to help women came after she lost both her mother and father to cancer. That loss drove her to focus on working towards women’s liberation and cannabis education in Oregon. Her Tokeativity website is the best place to head to if you want any information regarding cannabis.


This website provides a platform for cannabis users and anyone interested in knowing more about cannabis to interact and share information. It doesn’t just focus on promoting the use of cannabis, it also provides useful information and provides an avenue for those who need help to get it. The community consists of diverse users who have different levels of expertise in the subject and are therefore well equipped to offer assistance to anyone who needs it as soon as possible. Through the website, the team is also capable of organizing different events that bring empowerment and other activities that help build a better community. Some of the reasons why joining this community is a good idea include:

Information access

There is a lot of information surrounding the use of cannabis, including its advantages and disadvantages. However, some of the information is usually false and misleading, and that makes it very difficult for you to access accurate information that could be useful to your situation. This cannabis community for women gives you a place to find trustworthy information. Apart from the information on the website coming from the website’s team, your chances of interacting with someone who has been in a similar situation to yours are higher, and that will make it easier for you to get help. Even though the website strives to normalize the use of cannabis, the users don’t have anything to gain, and that means that you’ll not get any exaggerated information.

No stigma

Stigmatization and misinformation regarding cannabis use are some of the reasons why most people prefer to suffer in silence. They would instead remain silent than share their pain only to be judged. If you have a cannabis addiction or any other adverse effect, then this platform gives you a safe place to share those issues and get help. The users here aim to empower women and not bring them down. Even if the use of cannabis is still being frowned upon in your local area, this website gives you a safe space to share your opinion. The level of trust and loyalty you’ll find from the website users and owners will be enough to help you in whatever you’re dealing with.


The level of diversity available on Tokeativity means you’ll be getting access to different types of people when you join them. This means you’ll have access to people with different levels of expertise, which include professionals in the cannabis usage sector. If you’re a new user or you’re considering if you the benefits of cannabis outweigh the potential side effects, then this is one of the best places where you can get professional advice. You’ll get different perspectives and ideas that will help you make an informed decision.


If you have been looking for a cannabis community for women where you will be comfortable enough to talk about your issues, then you should check out Tokeativity. By joining this site, you be participating in something more significant, and you’ll be part of a good cause. There are no rules regarding those who are allowed to join, so you can do so at any time.

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