Matthew Miller

new jersey cannabis attorney

Matthew Miller

Attorney - New York & New Jersey

Matt helps his clients advance their business goals by working with them to create, develop, and subsequently leverage their intellectual property portfolios.

Using his expertise in both domestic and international patent prosecution, Matt has obtained patents in a wide variety of technical fields. Matt has experience helping his clients navigate the (no longer) murky waters of U.S. software patents, particularly in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence. He also has experience working with 3D printing companies, artists, musicians, and creators from many other walks of life.

Matt is one of the few true subject matter experts when it comes to the intersection of intellectual property, cannabis, and hemp. Matt has spoken at industry conventions such as NECANN and CannaCon several times, and was part of an industry panel at the first hemp entrepreneurship event at Rutgers University. Since entering the industry three years ago, Matt has regularly obtained federal trademarks on behalf of his clients (when appropriate) in the cannabis/hemp sphere. Additionally, he continues to instruct others on what can be patented, how to get a patent, how to patent an idea, and the overall patent process for people’s ideas and inventions in not on the cannabis space but across a vast array of industries.

As both a patent attorney in New York and New Jersey as well as a trademark attorney in New York and New Jersey, Matthew Miller has continued to expand his law firm, by working with clients not only all over the country, but all over the planet.

Speaking Engagements

Matt has spoken about intellectual property a variety of industry events and local universities, including NECANN, CannaCon, Columbia University, The New School, Scarlet Startups, Hofstra University, JC Tech Meetup, NJ Grassroots, and Hunter College. Matt is also a regular speaker at the pitch competition, Startupalooza, and has appeared on a number of podcasts discussing both intellectual property and entrepreneurship.

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