Cannabis Industry Update with Grown In

Cannabis Industry Update Grown InCannabis Industry Update with Grown In

Brad Spirrison of Grown In joins us to discuss cannabis industry trends. A journalist and co-founder of Grown In, Brad Spirrison talks to us about the Chicago politics and cannabis future in Illinois. 

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Cannabis Industry Update with Grown In

Written by: Simona

What Are the Latest Cannabis Industry Updates?

Licenses in Illinois are the matter of the news described in BLS statistics where 75 licenses are coming their way to the Illinois cannabis legalization official offices. Hundreds of applicants are waiting to get a license, and dispensaries are waiting to be opened.

Individuals and social equity applicants are highly affected by the new rules in the state of Illinois. In March, when the legislation of the cannabis rules come to the highest point, many things were excluded from the law, and these changes described the cases of cannabis users in a very selective manner. These changes add a new dimension to the perspective of cannabis in Illinois.

A pilot program related to getting licenses in Illinois says that only 40 craft growers licenses are planned to find their applicants in Illinois. What does this mean for future dispensaries? Is the number of permits enough to cover the massive demand among the applicants?

It is left to see if officials will solve the issues with the number of licenses issued each year, especially when we know that the license applicants should plan much more ahead than in the other states if they want to open a dispensary. Dispensaries to be opened require more than five months of preparation, and the regular procedure must take only three weeks.

How can this kind of delay in licensing change the regulations? We will see how these situations will produce more licensees if any will be there by the end of the year.

Cannabis Industry Trends

Speaking about cannabis industry updates and trends, we notice how one cultural movement can change the whole industry. Starting as a recreational user of marijuana, Brad was encouraged to start a company that is now recognized as an authoritative body that is unbiased about reporting on cannabis industry trends. He also explains how e-learning can be efficient in the industry.

Adult learning and teaching are the main points where online learning can get a large portion of attention from cannabis users. Lessons that people can learn in these e-learning modules are very profoundly organized in terms of individual preferences. Cultivators, processors, and cannabis industry trendsetters are all gathered around the same thing: delivering the reflective output that modernizes the cannabis industry.

Competence that you can get here helps us create a more open approach to the hemp industry trends. In the cannabis industry in Illinois, we need space to see the business side of the modern approach to business opportunities. If someone can see a chance to promote the industry further, it could be a huge step forward in the overall promotion of the cannabis industry potential.

Cannabis Industry Update Grown InCannabis Industry Trends Are Changing Hugely

Everyone who comes to the industry is there to compare the cannabis culture now and then. Many cannabis trends that were popular in the ’90s don’t apply today. What is the real difference?

The business orientation has hugely changed. Nowadays, we see business owners who are using modern techniques to introduce cannabis to a broader audience. At the same time, we understand the importance of education in the cannabis industry, where people can learn the metrics and basics of the advantages of cannabis.

The school system is divided into two different standards that point to the practical use of knowledge. Both sides of the system are selective in terms of competitive expertise that cannot be used in real-life situations. Students are more educated about solving problems on a practical, but not on a theoretical level, which leaves no room for creative thinking.

How can the cannabis industry find the place in this kind of educational system?

It can be possible by applying the industry standards that can promote social equity and equality in all the states all over the country. This approach is possible only if cannabis users speak their minds about the news and hemp industry trends that can be found on different media sites. Cannabis is changing the social norms, and it is essential to follow the industry’s growth potential.

We remember when cannabis was the matter of a stigma in the form of cruel discrimination towards cannabis users. Nowadays, marijuana is a proven method of treating different medical conditions that cannot be treated more successfully with other medical practices.

If some opinion about the product on the market can change that fast, we can only predict what a media can do to promote the benefits of cannabis that are found in almost every cannabis strain under the Sun. Let’s see more about the cannabis industry updates on Grown In and check out the latest news.

At the same time, if you want to promote your business, and get the latest insights into the cannabis industry trends, feel free to contact the most recognized cannabis industry lawyer, Tom Howard.

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Thomas Howard

Thomas Howard

Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.
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Thomas Howard

Thomas Howard

Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.

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