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EcoWaste Services on Cannabis Recycling and Waste Management

How is cannabis waste managed & recycled?

Cannabis is just the flowers of the plant, which is pretty woody and grown for its tough fibers with industrial hemp cultivars. What do growers, dispensaries, and cultivators do with unusable cannabis waste after harvest? This week Miggy is back to join Tom in a discussion with Arman Zeytounyan, Co-Founder at EcoWaste Services, to discuss how businesses tackle the crucial last step in the cannabis production cycle – waste management.


Cannabis Recycling & Waste Disposal EcoWaste Services

Cannabis Recycling & Waste Disposal with EcoWaste Services

What is EcoWaste Services?

  • A cannabis waste management company
  • Provides management services for cannabis waste materials
  • Currently operating in Southern California
  • Started as medical waste service in 2011 servicing the healthcare industry
  • EcoWaste was founded by Arman Zeytounyan and Avo Gasparian in 2016 to offer organic waste disposal services to food and construction industries
  • Pivoted to cannabis in early 2018 after receiving requests from interested cannabis businesses

What is Cannabis Waste?

  • Unused or leftover cannabis
  • Expired, unused, or leftover edibles and drinks
  • Unused or leftover oils
  • Wrappings, capsules, cartridges, and packaging
  • Cultivation trimmings
  • Cultivation growing medium
  • Used testing samples
  • Havested, used plant

What Cannabis Operations Can Benefit from EcoWaste Services?

  • Cultivators
  • Dispensaries
  • Extractions
  • Testing Labs
  • Distributions
  • Infusions

Why is Tracking Cannabis So Important?

  • Lawmakers are concerned that cannabis that is improperly disposed of will cause people to scavenge and consume it
  • Cannabis waste is required to be properly documented and recorded

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316 SW Washington St, Suite 1A Peoria,
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Call Us 309-740-4033 || e-Mail Us

cannabis industry lawyer

150 S. Wacker Drive,
Suite 2400 Chicago IL, 60606, USA
Call Us 312-741-1009  || e-Mail Us
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