Cannabis Security Plan

What is a Cannabis Security Plan?

Cannabis Security means that not one gram of cannabis goes missing from seed to sale and everyone in the supply chain from grower to transporter to dispensary to buyer is protected and safe during their purchase and business operations. Cannabis security is BIG points on all cannabis business license applications.

In fact, a contract with a cannabis security company is often required by law, like in Illinois. Moreover, cannabis security plans and operations often require integration with technology used by the cannabis business – for example, Point of Sale (POS) software that may match the customers’ names to their pictures captured in high definition and beamed on the internet directly to law enforcement.

cannabis security planDispensary Security Plan

Dispensaries need extensive security plans in some jurisdictions.  Same with grow houses, and cannabis transportation services all face serious threats when it comes to cannabis security. For Illinois, it accounts for 65 of your overall 250 points – which could make or break an application. Plus cannabis security systems not only comply with regulations, but also protect your company from robbery risk to keep both your customers & employees happy. 

What Goes into a Cannabis Dispensary Security Plan?

  • Alarm systems
  • Access control
  • Video surveillance
  • Cloud video storage
  • Armed/Unarmed guards
  • Armored transport
  • Lots of HD cameras and Monitors
  • SOPs for security and safety

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Why Do Cannabis Dispensaries Need Security Plans?

Cannabis security plans for dispensaries are necessary because of the stringent governmental regulations. State regulators require high level planning for security when it comes to any dispensary or cultivation center for cannabis.  Here’s a few of the many reasons that cannabis companies need the best security systems they can find.

  • Most cannabis businesses are cash-only operations, leaving them insanely vulnerable
  • Cannabis businesses face many threats such as:
    • Robberies at dispensaries and grow sites
    • Armed robberies while transporting and distributing products
    • Theft while staff is distracted
    • Blind spots in their place of operation
    • Burglaries after-hours
    • Employee theft of cannabis
    • Light or heat damage to cannabis plants due to improperly managed security systems
  • It’s a requirement
    • Every state has its own security policies and regulations
    • In Illinois for example, dispensary applications have 50 pages dedicated to a security plan alone wherein potential business owners will have to explain their procedures for the prevention of theft, along with a copy of a contract with a licensed private security contractor

Cannabis Security Practices for Businesses in the Industry

  • Video Surveillance
    • Video surveillance is regulated differently from state to state but it is a basic and essential security practice for any cannabis businessDispensary Security Plan
  • Access Control
    • Unique and customizable keyless forms of entry
  • Notification Systems
    • Human-focused notification systems improve emergency response times while reducing panic in employees and customers

Should your Company go it Alone on Cannabis Security?

NO!  Cannabis security is increasingly an IT profession regarding high-tech systems all working in concert to accomplish the twin-objectives of providing safety to everyone involved in the cannabis business from employees to customers, and also to ensure zero loss of cannabis or cash proceeds from its sale.

These systems become more complex by the day and the data they collect can also provide a benefit to your company so that it can better understand industry trends and customer preferences.

So please go above and beyond forms that you hope will do and get a sophisticated security team that will be able to keep your business at the cutting edge of cannabis and data security to keep your business open and growing for years to come. For more on this – please watch the video or listen to the CannaBeSecure team on Cannabis Legalization News.

Cannabis Dispensary Security Plans PDF

Top Seven Cannabis Security Companies

When working on your Security Plan for your Cannabis Businesses you’ll want to be assisted by the best Security services for Marijuana dispensaries. Here is a list of the best ones you could reach out to:

CannaBe Secure

These cannabis security experts with over 80 years of collective experience in building businesses in high risk/reward industries. Their services include Security Equipment & Installation full of suited technology , Security Advisory & Assessments helping and Dispensary Application Writing

If you want to know them better don’t miss our video attached at the beginning of this post.

Cannaguard Security

This security company from Portland, not only provides consulting and security solutions all around the country, they also offer their transportation services in Oregon, Washington and California. 

Cannaguard Security works with new technology, giving their clients the opportunity to utilize mobile apps to monitor their business from anywhere. And, they will probably will keep expanding their business.

Canna Security America

With more than ten years in the business of cannabis security services in Denver, Colorado, they offers physical security guards, transportation, compliance consulting, video surveillance and alarm systems for dispensaries.

They also have recently upgraded transportation,GPS tracking, and a 4-point camera system. They can certainly be a good option for the security of your cannabis business.

MPS Security Service

They have more than 15 years in the business, adapting quickly to the needs of the cannabis businesses. Their services services include security consultation, armed and unarmed guards, camera systems, and revenue protection.

MPS vehicles are one of their biggest assets offer their transportation services in Colorado, California, Maryland and Illinois. Other. 

Operational Security Solutions

This cannabis security service opened in 2016 operates exclusively State of California.

They do have a very experience team of professionals from the security business who understand cannabis compliance and risk management its finest. 

They are registered as a money services business with the US Department of the Treasury and the State of California, which allows them to securely transport, deposit, and transfer cash. 

Senseon Secure Access

They have a different focus on their services. Designing smart cabinetry locks for cannabis retailers in accordance with state compliance regulations. Their innovative technology is very welcome in the cannabis business and it will be for sure not the only thing will know them for.




Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.
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Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.

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