Mississippi Medical Marijuana Legalization

Mississippi Medical Marijuana Laws-2Mississippi Medical Marijuana Laws

Medical Marijuana Legalization arrived in Mississippi! The state voted in favor of Initiative Measure No. 65 this November 3rd to ensure the availability of and safe access to medical marijuana for qualified persons with debilitating medical conditions.

This initiative proposes to amend the Mississippi Constitution to allow patients with at least one of 22 debilitating medical conditions to use medical marijuana, under the approval of Mississippi licensed physicians and licensed treatment centers.

A regulated program will be set up by the Mississippi Department of Health to establish how marijuana will be grown, processed, and made available to ensure safe and secure access for qualified patients.

Is marijuana legal in Mississippi?

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Mississippi Initiative 65 to Legalize Medical Marijuana

What is the limit of medical marijuana allowed in Mississippi?

Patients will be permitted up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis every two weeks. Medical marijuanas treatments centers are not allow to provide to a qualified patients, during any one fourteen-day period, an amount of medical marijuana that exceeds 2.5 ounces by weight

Patients will be required to apply for a medical marijuana card, which would be renewed annually and can not cost more than reasonable fee of up to Fifty Dollars

Does Mississippi allow home cultivation?

Mississippi does not permit qualified patients to grow marijuana in their homes.

What are the number of licenses allowed for the Medical Marijuana industry in Mississippi?

Mississippi, contrary to many other states in the United States, does not have a statewide limit for the number of licenses to be granted for medical marijuana treatment centers.

And when it comes to local regulations, zoning provisions applicable to retail dispensaries can not be no more restrictive than those for a licensed retail pharmacy and zoning provisions applicable to other businesses that fall within the definition of medical
marijuana treatment centers shall be no more restrictive than other comparably sized and staffed lawful commercial or industrial businesses

The initiative also states that medical marijuana treatment centers have to be located within five hundred feet of a pre-existing school, church, or licensed child care center.

The department has to adopt final rules and regulations no later than July 1, 2021. The department have to begin issuing identification cards and treatment center licenses no later than August 15, 2021

What are the tax rates of Medical Marijuana in Mississippi

Although it is still not established, the department may assess up to the equivalent of the state’s sales tax rate to the final sale of medical marijuana.

Mississippi Medical Marijuana Laws – Initiative 65 PDF


What is Initiative No 65A?mississppi medical marijuana legalization

Initiative 65A is the legislature’s alternative medical marijuana amendment, that restricted smoking marijuana to terminally ill patients.

It did not specify qualifying conditions, possession limits, or a tax rate. Many details would have needed to be set by the state legislature. This initiative did not pass

  • Marijuana products would have been produced by manufacturers at a pharmaceutical grade.
  • Marijuana could not have been smoked except by those with terminal medical conditions,
  • Treatment would have needed to be overseen by licensed physicians, nurses, and pharmacists

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