Cannabis Real Estate Lawyer

Cannabis Real Estate Lawyer

Cannabis Real Estate Issues.

The cannabis business has been booming in Illinois since the legalization of medical cannabis. Both traders and farmers are now conducting business freely, without the fear of interruptions from authorities. However, even with a healthy business environment, cannabis remains a controversial drug. The law legalizing the use of medical cannabis still lacks a clear framework, and the categorization of businesses trading in cannabis is still a big issue.

There are many legal problems concerning the moral authority to plant and trade cannabis within residential areas. It is not surprising that there has been a rise in cannabis real estate issues. Misunderstandings between estate management with cannabis traders have lead to loss of money in lawsuits and business disruptions for many traders.

If you are a cannabis trader, and you are found in the midst of a dispute, you need to get a lawyer to defend you and your property. Since cannabis real estate issues require more than the average knowledge of legislation, you must hire an expert who has dealt with real estate, as well as cannabis related cases.  

Cannabis Land Use Issues in Illinois

The trade of cannabis in Peoria, Illinois, is thriving. However, issues surrounding the legality and morality of farming and trading in cannabis products are still on the rise. If you are a resident of Peoria, contact us to get help in dealing with real estate cannabis issues. Our services include:

Most people often lose their business assets, physical, and intellectual properties in cases pertaining to the trade of cannabis. If your real estate management puts up a case against your business, we are here to help. We will ensure that every single piece of your property is secured throughout the hearing. You will retain the right to owning your assets and properties in any event.

There is no reason why you should be denied the right to trade in cannabis. Any damages caused to your business due to legal proceedings should be compensated adequately. In essence, real estate issues should be solved without hurting your trade. You should also be given a chance to defend your actions.


If you do not wish to go through lengthy court battles regarding your disagreement, our expert lawyers will help you resolve the issues out of court. Through negotiations and mediation, many parties are able to find solutions to complex matters. You can save your business thousands of dollars just by avoiding the long and dirty court process.

Do not get into any real estate cannabis contract without having a lawyer on the table. If you find yourself in a dispute, do not appear in court alone. Choose the most trusted attorney in Peoria, Illinois to help you handle your case. Our chief lawyer, Thomas Howard, has vast experience in Cannabis and real estate cases. He will help you get the best outcome in any case involving cannabis real estate disputes.

Our cannabis business attorneys are also business owners.  They can help you structure your business or help protect it from overly burdensome regulations.

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