Sponsor Cannabis Legalization News

Sponsor Cannabis Legalization News

“As a Security Company looking to serve qualified businesses, I’ve spent marketing $$$ on almost every B2B initiative you can think of.  When you have expertise it’s worthless if it’s not being shared with the right target audience.  My investment in Sponsorship with Cannabis Legalization News was a 10X Return.  In 20 years of being an entrepreneur I can only say that has happened 1 other time.  If you deliver a quality service, expertise or product and know your stuff- Having a thought-provoking conversation with someone like Thomas Howard will force multiply.  I strongly encourage investment in the marketing sponsorship from CLN!”

✔ Guest on Cannabis Legalization News
✔ Thousands of views & listeners of podcast
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✔ Episode becomes shareable YouTube & podcast.
✔ Episode & webpage shared to hundreds of thousands of cannabis lovers
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✔ Signed copy of Tom’s Book on Cannabis laws

Your business experience should be shared so that people can discover the value that you’re bringing to this new and fast-growing industry.

Come on the show and connect with your audience and get some high quality SEO product that will be advertising for you everytime someone does a Google search.

Check out a recent episode above and look at the slider below for examples of the complete SEO webpages each show gets.

Looking forward to speaking with you,


Thomas Howard

Coming on an episode of Cannabis Legalization News is super easy.

Here’s the 8 easy steps to be on the show:

  1. email [email protected]
  2. Test your internet speed to get good wifi (over 10MB download & upload speed)
  3. If you want great audio, get some earphones with a mic – like from your iPhone
  4. If you want to use an iPhone – be sure it’s been updated to iOS version 12.2 or later.
  5. get a link that when you click on your laptop with a webcam or smartphone takes you to the studio.
  6. test out your feed with us in the “green room” before we go live
  7. we go live once everything is working smoothly
  8. have a great time talking about cannabis legalization & your business’ role in it!!

Benefits of being a guest on Cannabis Legalization News

You’ll not only get a full episode of the show to promote your business, but that show will then be syndicated throughout our network and converted into a podcast and sent to all the major online hosts.

Then, we take the episode and make a search engine optimized blog post that will be out there advertising your business anytime someone hits that particular keyword on their Google search.

Benefits of being a guest on Cannabis Legalization News

It’s really easy to jump into our Cannabis Legalization News podcast, live each Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. CST.  Here is a quick video about how easy it is to be on our show.

Want to contact us about the News?  Are you in the media, or have a non-profit, and want discounted pricing?  Fill out our contact form and let us know how we can help.

We love interviewing lawyers, other media professionals, and charities related to expungment and freeing the cannabis prisoners. Just Contact CLN withe the form.

Examples of Previous CLN podcast blogs.

Learn more about our Cannabis Industry Lawyer from his webpages for his law practice provided below.

Since 2010, Thomas Howard has been researching and publishing on the cannabis laws and now he offers help to companies entering the cannabis industry with:

→ Cannabis License Applications

→ Compliance tips

→ Contract drafting

→ Negotiating insights

→ Buy/Sell business options

Want to win a license?

Here’s where you can learn how we’ve won before and will again.