cannabis laws illinois

cannabis laws illinois

Illinois cannabis litigation update

Illinois Cannabis Litigation Update

  The Illinois cannabis license application process has been a lot of things but perfect. Resulting in many lawsuits and a lot of general discontent. We decided to update you on everything going on with the process in depth, why it has unleashed a firestorm of criticism and what is to expect in the following …

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Illinois Legalized Recreational Cannabis Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth Bill 2020

Women Made Cannabis Legal in Illinois with Rep. Jehan Gordon-Booth

Why Illinois’ New Cannabis Law is Considered The Most Progressive Bill Yet Illinois is slated to legalize recreational cannabis on January 1, 2020. The bill that was proposed is considered one of the most progressive cannabis bills yet. This week Miggy and Tom sat down with Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth (D-Peoria), one of the four women …

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home grow

Illinois Home Grow Cannabis

Home grow of cannabis for certain Illinois residents with their medical marijuana card begins on January 1, 2020 – here’s how Home Grow in Illinois works. How many plants can you grow in Illinois? Illinois home grow of cannabis is available to medical cannabis patients in their primary residence – with a limit of five …

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