Cannabis on the Ballot

Cannabis on the Ballot

South Dakota Marijuana Laws

South Dakota Marijuana Laws

  What do marijuana laws look like in South Dakota? Everything could change in South Dakota this election. Here’s everything you need to know about South Dakota Cannabis Laws. South Dakota Marijuana Laws South Dakota marijuana laws could change drastically come November. South Dakota will be voting on both medical and recreational cannabis this election. …

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Maryland Cannabis Lawyer Kinner McGowan

Maryland Cannabis Lawyer

Maryland cannabis lawyer team Kinner & McGowan join us to discuss Maryland and Washington D.C. cannabis laws and regulations. Cannabis in Maryland Maryland cannabis lawyer team Kinner and McGowan are hopeful about recreational cannabis in Maryland. For now, Maryland is only a medical cannabis state – and things have been moving slow. Maryland started their …

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Kentucky Cannabis Lawyer Suhre Associates

Kentucky Cannabis Lawyer

Kentucky cannabis lawyer – We explain Kentucky’s medical cannabis law, HB 136. Kentucky may be the 34th state to legalize medical cannabis. Cannabis in Kentucky Kentucky cannabis lawyers could have their hands full come this fall. On February 20th the House of Representatives voted to pass a medical cannabis bill (HB 136) by a vote …

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