The Fresh Toast

Cannabis Culture and Putting Consumers First

The Fresh Toast entered the publishing space in 2016 and since then they have established themselves as “the most trusted name in cannabis”. The Fresh Toast currently provides entertaining and informational content such as their most recent articles titled “This Year’s New Orleans Mardi Gras Krewe Has A Cannabis Queen” and “Aluminum Cans May Reduce Potency Of Cannabis Drinks”. According to their founder JJ McKay, The Fresh Toast was also the first cannabis focused company granted a press pass by a mainstream media company to cover a political debate. Check out their coverage on the Las Vegas Debate. This week Tom and Miggy were joined by JJ McKay to discuss cannabis culture, consumer trends, and the future of cannabis media.

The Fresh Toast

What is The Fresh Toast?

  • A platform that provides content on cannabis, culture, and tech.
  • They make it a mission to always put consumers and patients first
  • Educate physicians on medical marijuana
  • Founded in 2016
  • Headquarters in Seattle

The Fresh Toast on Educating the Medical Community

The Fresh Toast is much more than a publishing company. In addition to proving content for cannabis consumers, The Fresh Toast is the exclusive training partner for the largest healthcare training system in America. They work with about 80% of practicing physicians on how to have the conversation about medical marijuana.

Why Do Cannabis Media Companies Fail?

“Most people in the industry are focused on the industry and not on the consumer. Some companies launch without a business plan, some are miss managed. We put the consumer first.” JJ McKay

What’s Your Take on Celebrity Cannabis Brands?

“If you go into a Walgreens or CVS and look at the beauty or perfume section, all the hot celebrity brands are things that millennials relate to. People don’t relate to Willie Nelson or Bob Marley. People are buying brands that relate to them. Now if Justin Bieber or Lizzo came out with a brand, it would do really well. Think of it like the shoe industry – not every celebrity sports star has a shoe, it’s a couple people who really work it and stay relevant to the audience and sneaker heads.” – JJ McKay

How the Fresh Toast Changes the Cannabis Media World

Written by: simonat

The Fresh Toast is much more than a pot-related media. In the ocean of similar marijuana businesses, Fresh Toast has an advantage. It is the first cannabis company that is approved by Google Adsense, according to its founder JJ McKay. What does that mean for a brand? It is a representation of a smart business strategy and continuous delivery of quality news.

How the Fresh Toast Brings Change to the Cannabis Industry

Since the founding year, 2016, the Fresh Toast has created the formula that brings success. From a company with only a few followers on social media, they’ve come to the point where 1 million readers on a daily level want to see what’s new.

The Fresh Toast covers entertainment news, music, comedy, and medical news about cannabis and its use. They don’t want to come up as another media that supports cannabis. They try to be actively involved in the lifestyle of all cannabis users, being the famous ones or completely unknown.

The company’s headquarters are in Seattle, Washington, the ideal ground for cannabis promotion. At the time, Washington was the second state in the country that legalized recreational marijuana. It is still ahead of time when it comes to initiatives and plans for the further change of regulations.

As a company located in the right place, the Fresh Toast offers its readers something that is called “more of the Martha Stewart’s pot than Snoop Dogg’s pot”. In this definition, we see why the Fresh Toast holds the leading position in objective and balanced reporting about the cannabis industry news. Their news is equally focused on the medical side of cannabis as they are focused on the entertaining side of marijuana use.

What is the Vision of the Fresh Toast’s Founder?

At the early beginnings, JJ McKay had the vision to meet the demand for a cannabis lifestyle brand. It was the time when many brands existed on the market, but none of them was ready to affect the lifestyles of people. Fresh Toast was the brand that changed the way we see the cannabis industry.

From the medical news where you can read about the new findings in the medical application of cannabis to the news about popular supporters of cannabis initiatives, you can see why the brand has reached such popularity.

Today, Fresh Toast has deeply devoted readers who want to find out how to apply marijuana for medical purposes and get the most benefits from it. We all need to know how to use marijuana in the best way, or at least, how it can benefit the people who already use it.

JJ McKay has created something that could transform the way we see cannabis. Tons of regulations, predictions, and medical announcements are on the way, and we are eager to read about them. With the right vision, JJ McKay keeps the pot burning.

How Will the Fresh Toast Look Like in the Future

The Fresh Toast will continue to develop the stories that keep the readers engaged. With more than 1 million active readers, the media must deliver the news that is truthful and honest.

With the progress of technology, we also see the progress of the cannabis industry. The Fresh Toast tries to share that knowledge with us, so we can get full insights into the marijuana business.

The founders, editors, and writers are all dedicated to the same goal. Reaching more audience on a daily level can effectively increase the popularity of the brand. People behind the Fresh Toast know exactly how to deliver the news that will entice the readers to use marijuana in the best manner. It is not all about quantity, at the end. It is more about the quality of the right information and its implementation in the real world.

Will the Fresh Toast continue to serve readers with the right amount of information? They will. As long as we are ready to read. And we all see how the Fresh Toast set the standards in the marijuana industry with the right approach to the readers. We also see how they shape the future of the industry.

It’s not pretentious when they say that the Fresh Toast is the “most trusted name in cannabis”.

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Thomas Howard

Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.
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Picture of Thomas Howard

Thomas Howard

Licensed to practice since 2008, Thomas Howard has represented numerous financial institutions in litigation to enforce their security interests.

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