What is 710?

What is 710 National Dab DayWhat is 710?

What is 710? Where did BHO come from? How did dabs take over the nation? Pot historian, David Bienenstock of Great Moments in Weed History, joins us to celebrate 710 and give us a light history lesson on the origins of this high holiday.

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What is 710?

Have you seen what the 710 means when you turn it upside down and read it backward? It means “OIL.” And it represents the national day on the 10th of July, National Dab Day, which is the day when we celebrate dabs and cannabis concentrates.

At the same time, the term “420” was initially created to support cannabis activism in modern times. The term was coined to address the consumption of concentrates and dabbing.

The small number of consumers made the universal code for cannabis consumption for users who wanted to pay attention to people’s cannabis consumption issues.

In modern times, the term represents the activism that is spread worldwide and concentrates on the things that matter the most in the cannabis industry – proper use of cannabis oils and its derivates.

What Is Dabbing Today?

National Dab Day is ideally celebrated by consuming dabs. Dabbing, in this form of cannabis consumption, represents the most usual form of cannabis use. It is a practice of inhaling the concentrated and vaporized cannabis in its liquid form.

Not all types of inhales apply here. Only the dabs that are officially regulated as cannabinoids for consumption can be called dabs. In this manner, we recognize the following products:

  • Butane Hash Oil (BHO)
  • Wax
  • Shatter
  • Budder

Dabbing is the form of inhaling the mentioned products in its concentrated form, and it cannot be used in any other way. Inhaling these products must be taken with caution because of the huge amounts of cannabinoids that affect the bloodstream immediately after consumption.

What is 710 National Dab Day

How to Smoke Dabs?

Because of the terpenes found in marijuana, dabs are considered to be very potent. The extraction process used to make these oils is very selective, but the extraction of THC and other “stoning” elements is not entirely possible.

The oils come in the form of concentrates that make you feel stoned fast and in a large portion.

Dabbing might be very dangerous if not taken with caution.

Sometimes, dabbing might cause potent and severe side effects, which is why dabbing is considered one of the riskiest forms of consuming cannabis.

Generalization of dabbing is not always the case we should take on without a broader perspective. In modern times, the dab serves to inhale concentrated forms of cannabis, but the ancient use of dabs was different.

People were inhaling liquid gasses to get the “high” effect as soon as possible. They didn’t know how to properly extract and impose the elements of gasses that are usually found in these products. As a result, many users were found with serious, and sometimes fatal consequences.  

Nowadays, we have many medical and chemical ways to extract and remove dangerous cannabinoids from cannabis oils and gasses combined with cannabis.

The oils in this type of extraction come in a smooth and usable form that can be used with no potential dangerous effects if applied with caution.

Why Is Dabbing So Popular Nowadays?

Dabbing is part of the culture, and it represents one of the most effective ways to get cannabis benefits in a fast manner. Simultaneously, it is a robust solution for all cannabis users who want to use marijuana for medical purposes.

Dabs are made to provoke many good and bad effects and 710, or OIL is what we know today as a “stoner term” that can be applied in numerous ways.

We are sure that dabs and concentrates will remain one of the most popular forms of using cannabis and CBD oils. If we take this method of cannabis consumption with caution, we can experience tremendous benefits. At the same time, the terpenes and chemical contaminants found in dabs are so potent that an inexperienced user can face severe conditions after consumption.

The national day of dabbing is important for all serious cannabis consumers. That is why we celebrate the 10th of July when all the marijuana users can find their way to get high fast and very immersively. National Dabbing Day is coming this year with so many announcements as the states are struggling to legalize marijuana on many levels.

We can see clearly that dabbing continues to be one of the most potent and most effective ways to get high with marijuana.

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