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Social equity connecticut

Connecticut Social Equity Application

Connecticut statutes include favorable conditions for social equity applicants. The following are some of the advantages offered to social equity applicants: (1) expedited or priority licensing; (2) 50 percent of all licenses will be awarded to social equity applicants; (3) reduced licensing fees for the first three renewal cycles; and (4) tax credits for certain investments in social …

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How to open a dispensary in Connecticut

How to open a dispensary in Connecticut

The prospect of a legal adult-use marijuana industry is generating significant excitement among Connecticut’s business community. Entrepreneurs, producers, and investors are starting to plan their businesses and looking for more information on how to open a dispensary in Connecticut. The license application for retailer licenses is coming at the start of February, so it is …

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Marijuana Trademarks

Cannabis Trademark Lawyer

Many cannabis business owners are confused if they qualify for trademark protection because the medical marijuana, hemp, and CBD markets are still relatively young. The 2018 Farm Bill clarified the legal distinction between hemp and marijuana, as well as the status of commonly used cannabinoids and derivatives like CBD. As a result, favorable developments in …

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New Jersey Social Equity

New Jersey Social Equity Definition

What is social equity in New Jersey Social Equity is a legal term of art that means a person applying for a cannabis business license in New Jersey that has either been convicted of a marijuana related offense anywhere in the United States, or has resided in a disproportionately impacted area of New Jersey for …

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Illinois Cannabis Lawyer

Illinois Cannabis Attorney

An Illinois Cannabis Attorney can help you win a license, structure your organization, operate your cannabis business and much more – if you have a good cannabis lawyer.  We will explore what is an Illinois Cannabis Lawyer and why cannabis companies in Illinois must have one. Illinois has a very regulated cannabis industry, which makes …

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