Expedia Hurts Seattle Hempfest by Thousands of Dollars

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All About Dispute With Expedia & Hempfest

45 days before the start of Seattle Hempfest 2019, Expedia, the internet company and large Seattle landowner, told the festival that it would block access to a road required for best attendance and flow for the some 100,000 people expected to come to this year’s hempfest.


here’s what you need to know about Expedia & Hempfest.

  • Expedia is a travel website
    • tom even booked his trip to hempfest with expedia (see video)
    • Expedia owns real estate required for Hempfest’s traffic
    • Expedia blocked access to the road it has used for 25 years of Hempfest
    • Tech companies run Seattle (Amazon, Microsoft, etc).
  • Hempfest is a big event
    • over 25 years of hempfest
    • last place Jack Herer spoke in 2009
    • Held August 16, 17 and 18 at the Seattle Special Event center for Hempfest 2019
  • Vivian McPeak is Executive Director of Hempfest
    • 100,000 attendees expected at hempfest
    • Quote”Expedia is apparently willing to end Hempfest rather than endure a few days of temporary inconvenience.”
    • Boycott Expedia on Moveon.org: 
  • Cannabis Legalization News will be at Hempfest
Hempfest Expedia

Hempfest is fighting for its first amendment rights to political speech