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Cannabis Nursery in New York

New York Cannabis Nursery License

Cannabis Nursery has been referred to as how the cannabis industry starts. While not all the states contemplated the nursery license in its regulations, New York lawmakers decided to include this type of license in their cannabis program. 

A nursery license are an opportunity for entrepreneurs to enter in the industry not talked about enough, but in this opportunity we are dedicating this segment exclusively with everything there is to know so far about New York cannabis nursery license. 

What is a Nursery  license 

A  nursery  license authorizes the  production, sale and distribution of clones, immature plants, seeds, and other agricultural products used specifically for the  planting,  propagation,  and  cultivation of cannabis. 



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Nursery License Regulations

Cannabis Nursery​Once the bill passes, the office will have to provide recommendations to the board for  the  application process, license criteria and scope of licensed activities for this class of license. Such licenses shall promote social and economic equity applicants as provided for in this chapter.

Nursery License Restrictions 

A person or entity holding a cultivators license may apply for, and obtain, one nursery license to sell directly to other cultivators, cooperatives, or microbusinesses.

Other Types of New York Cannabis Licenses

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