cannabis laws

cannabis laws

Immigration and the MORE Act

Immigration and The MORE Act

How the MORE Act Matters For Immigration There is a very important relation between immigration and the MORE Act, that is not been stressed enought. The MORE Act marks a well-deserved change for the cannabis community. The bill that decriminalizes cannabis on a federal level serves many purposes for the community and those most affected …

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How To Get a Cannabis Business License in Arizona

How to Get a Cannabis Business License in Arizona

HOW TO GET A CANNABIS BUSINESS LICENSE IN ARIZONA Get the latest information on how to get a cannabis license in Arizona, after passing new marijuana laws, Prop 207 by 60 to 40% of the vote in November, 2020 Arizonians will be able to apply for a cannabis business license and start operating in the …

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How To Get A Cannabis License in South Dakota

How To Get A Cannabis License in South Dakota Updated September, 2021 South Dakota has recently gone one step closer to legalizing medical marijuana. On September 13, 2021, the legislative panel in charge of establishing the rules that would govern South Dakota’s new medical marijuana legislation approved a number of proposed regulations and returned others …

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detroit legacy marijuana license

Detroit Legacy Marijuana Licenses

  If you’re a Detroit Legacy – or a team looking for one – we can help. Detroit Legacy is a newly defined term of law for want to be cannabis operators in the City. Detroit is finally entering the adult-use marijuana industry almost a year after the state of Michigan legalized recreational marijuana that’s …

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Illinois cannabis litigation update

Illinois Cannabis Litigation Update

  The Illinois cannabis license application process has been a lot of things but perfect. Resulting in many lawsuits and a lot of general discontent. We decided to update you on everything going on with the process in depth, why it has unleashed a firestorm of criticism and what is to expect in the following …

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Cannabis Laws in Montana

Montana Cannabis Legalization

Montana Cannabis News | Montana Cannabis Legalization Montana is getting ready to vote on recreational cannabis legalization this November! With two initiatives on the ballot – initiatives CI-118 and I-190 – Montana is one of the five states, alongside Arizona, Mississippi, New Jersey and South Dakota, to vote on joining the growing list of states …

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can you grow marijuana in michigan

Can You Grow Marijuana in Michigan

  “Can I grow weed in Michigan?” is a very popular question. Before you start home growing in your State, make sure you know the answer. Stay compliant with your state laws, or else you may risk criminal penalties.  It is legal to grow marijuana in Michigan. But there are certain rules you must follow. If …

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