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Try us. Our cannabis business attorneys will help you win a New Mexico cannabis license, get it funded and protect you from risks of penalties, lose of license or getting fined. We have years of experience with cannabis law and helped individuals like you achieve their business goals, as we own and operate businesses in the marijuana industry and have deep knowledge of its risks and trends. We can help protect your business and keep you compliant with all regulations.


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If you’re looking to get into the cannabis industry in New Mexico, you can now apply for a courier license. In this 2022 guide, we’ll briefly walk you through applying for a New Mexico… Read More

The New Mexico Legislature recently started accepting applications for cannabis business licenses. A day after the state released finalized rules for cannabis producers, the… Read More

Opening a dispensary in New Mexico is not a dream anymore. Now anyone that qualifies can open an adult use cannabis dispensary in New Mexico. The process requires application from the… Read More

Do you want to know the process of getting a cannabis business license in New Mexico? Through House Bill 2, passed on April 12, 2021, New Mexico legalized recreational marijuana… Read More

A New Mexico Cannabis Microbusiness License application is not something to do by yourself. The Cannabis Control Division (CCD) will be regulating cannabis businesses in the state. The… Read More

On May 25, 2021, New Mexico’s Cannabis Control Division (CCD) issued the draft rules for the licensing of cannabis producers. Comments will be accepted through Tuesday, June 29… Read More

The state of New Mexico legalized adult-use cannabis. With the legalization of cannabis, an array of adult-use cannabis licenses were introduced to the state. If you want to check out what… Read More

According to HB002 a cannabis manufacturer license is a legal document that will allow its holder to sell products to people qualified to buy it. A manufacturer license is necessary in order… Read More

For the last 11 years, cannabis has been legalized for medical use in New Mexico. Activists were trying to get cannabis legalized for all kinds of uses and business as well. In April 2021, the state… Read More

After the passing of new cannabis laws in New Mexico, there was much confusion circulating. Hence, people are confused about the type of license that they would require. Water rights are… Read More

The first step to getting a dispensary in Albuquerque is to contact the New Mexico Department of Health (NMDOH). The NMDOH will provide you with information about the application… Read More

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*There are specific cannabis licenses available in New Mexico for cultivation, dispensary, manufacturing, testing, and transportation.

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