Pennsylvania Microgrower Application

Pennsylvania Microgrower Application

Pennsylvania Microgrower Application

Medical marijuana has been legal in Pennsylvania since April 2016, when Governor Tom Wolf signed the Medical Marijuana Act into law. Since then, support for adult use marijuana legalization has continued to grow among state residents, as evidenced by yet to be passed Senate Bill 773. Let’s explore what would happen if this Bill Becomes Law.

In this post you will find an answer to the question: can you grow weed in Pennsylvania – right now, no.  But Maybe after SB 773 passes.

How to become a micro grower in PA or medical marijuana or adult use cannabis?

Pennsylvania legislators introduced SB-773 to amend amending the act of April 17, 2016 (P.L.84, No.16), known as the Medical Marijuana Act. If you are interested in a change of cannabis legislation in Pennsylvania, you should consider calling your representatives and ask them to vote on this bill.

To apply to be a medical marijuana grower in Pennsylvania, you must submit an application to the state Department of Health. The application must include information on your proposed growing operation, as well as a non-refundable fee of $10,000. If your application is approved, you will be issued a license to grow medical marijuana. This won’t happen and the medical marijuana providers currently operating in Pennsylvania will have the whole market and no small businesses will be allowed.

What Is Needed for Pennsylvania Microgrower Application

It is necessary to comply with the Commonwealth regulations when it comes to growing, microgrowing, and homegrowing of cannabis in Pennsylvania. The documents as part of the application must be clear and should contain all the necessary details.

Pennsylvania Microgrower Application


What Should the Application for Microgrowers In Pennsylvania Include?

Possible Regulations for A Future Microgrower License

We have reviewed previous PA bills that have not passed the legislature in the state, which is why Pennsylvania is stuck with only medical marijuana right now. No recreational cannabis dispensaries are open in the state, but learn how to get one here

As part of the application for microgrowing business, you must deliver the following information to the department:

  • Obtaining information from employers, governmental agencies, and other organizations that are responsible for giving any type of release
  • A similar license jurisdiction details that include suspensions, revocations or discipline as part of the exact jurisdiction
  • A statement that a microgrower can comply with all Commonwealth regulations and laws relating to microgrowing activities
  • A description of the space and location where a microgrower intends to operate
  • Any other information the department may require

It is important to know that any false statement in the application is punishable under the applicable provisions of 18 Pa.C.S. Ch. 49.

To get a permit, microgrowers should know that certain regulations apply to all microgrowers in Pennsylvania. These regulations include the following statements:

  • Individuals may not intentionally or knowingly have a business interest in more than one microgrower according to the Commonwealth laws
  • It is necessary to submit an application and an application fee of $250 to the department
  • Annular renewal of the permit is possible to be obtained after paying the $250 renewal fee
  • The department limits the number of marijuana plants at 150 simultaneously grown plants unless the limit is not later modified under the department regulations
  • A microgrower may only grow cannabis indoors where the microgrower lives
  • A microgrower may not use the cannabis the microgrower grows. All of the cannabis which the microgrower grows shall be sold to a processor or dispensary or the cannabis shall be destroyed by the microgrower

Under Which Conditions Pennsylvania Microgrower Application Shall Be Denied

The department shall consider the Pennsylvania microgrower application only if the application is truthful, complete, and fulfills the above-mentioned requirements. If the applicant has a previous history related to suspension, revocation or discipline as part of a license, permit or other authorization similar to the permit, the department has the right to deny the application.

How the Department Denies A Microgrower Application?

If the department decides to deny an application for a permit, an applicant shall be notified in writing within 30 days with an explanation for the denial. In the case of previous denials, the department shall not preclude an applicant to apply for another permit.

What Does the Microgrower License Include

As a homegrower in Pennsylvania, you are not allowed to grow cannabis in your own home where you live, nor are any other spaces permitted for cannabis growth. You cannot grow the seeds that are falling under the Pennsylvania regulations and any seeds that are not complying with official standards must be destroyed and removed.

All of the future microgrowers can apply for the license if they meet the Commonwealth regulations. The department will inspect each element of the application and decide whether you can get a license or not. To apply, you must read the Commonwealth act related to cannabis growth for microgrowers. If you can meet the requirements, you may be obtained with the necessary microgrower license.

No microgrowers grow cannabis under the medical marijuana act in PA.  Perhaps one day in the recreational marijuana market for Pennsylvania,  microgrowers will be allowed to have up to 150 plants that are complying with the standards. If the number of plants exceeds this limit, the plants must be destroyed because even medical marijuana is a controlled substance under federal law.  Plus, the cannabis industry is a compliance game.

Also if SB 869 passes in Pennsylvania, Medical Marijuana Patients over the age of 21, would be allowed to grow up to six cannabis plants in your home for personal use. When you want to grow a larger number of plants, you can apply for a license. As a microgrower, you may later sell the cannabis to a processor or dispensary.

If you want to apply for a micro growers license remember that the first and most important thing you should do is call your representatives and ask them to vote on legalization. And – since we are in the voting subject – remember we are in election year! Please, go vote and make sure your family and friends do to.

Want to win a license?

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