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Mississippi medical marijuana laws-3

Mississippi Medical Marijuana Legalization

Mississippi Medical Marijuana Laws Medical Marijuana Legalization arrived in Mississippi! The state voted in favor of Initiative Measure No. 65 this November 3rd to ensure the availability of and safe access to medical marijuana for qualified persons with debilitating medical conditions. This initiative proposes to amend the Mississippi Constitution to allow patients with at least …

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can you grow marijuana in michigan

Can You Grow Marijuana in Michigan

  “Can I grow weed in Michigan?” is a very popular question. Before you start home growing in your State, make sure you know the answer. Stay compliant with your state laws, or else you may risk criminal penalties.  It is legal to grow marijuana in Michigan. But there are certain rules you must follow. If …

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Nebraska Medical Marijuana

  Nebraska will be voting on medical marijuana this election. A Nebraska marijuana lawyer joined us to discuss the measure. Is medical marijuana legal in nebraska? Nebraska Medical Marijuana | Nebraska Cannabis Laws Nebraska medical marijuana could come to fruition in 2020. Nebraskans will be voting on a medical marijuana initiative this November. Seth Morris …

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Is Cannabis Legal in South Africa Dagga Party

Is Cannabis Legal in South Africa?

Is Cannabis Legal in South Africa?   Is cannabis legal in South Africa? Well, it’s complicated. At one point South Africa was the fourth largest cannabis producer in the world but if you consume cannabis in South Africa outside of your private residence, you could face serious consequences. We’re speaking with Chris Jay of South …

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Keith Stroup NORML

Keith Stroup – Founder of NORML

What Does the 2020 Election Hold for Cannabis Legalization? Cannabis legalization has come a long way in the last few decades. Thanks to educational efforts, passionate advocates, and non-profits like NORML and the Marijuana Policy Project, the movement of public opinion towards the legalization of responsible cannabis use by adults has commenced. This week Miggy …

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Illinois Cannabis Banking Law

Illinois Cannabis Banking Act Bills Introduced to Make Cannabis Bankable

Big news!  Illinois has introduced two new bills to make lending to cannabis businesses “safe and sound” banking practices. For those of you that don’t know, I’m a bank lawyer that has been expanding into the cannabis space in Illinois for the past few years.  All my clients, or most, did not want to touch …

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HR 420

HR -420 – Regulate Cannabis Like Alcohol Bill

What does HR 420 do? Answer: Regulate Cannabis Like Alcohol by: Move Cannabis out of Controlled Substances Act Expand the ATF to include Cannabis Fix numerous federal crimes related to cannabis House Resolution – 420 On January 9, 2019, Oregon Congressman, Earl Blumenauer, introduced the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act.  If passed, it will end …

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